Before the Lebron show, watch the Knicks’ Amare Show


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As you know, Thursday night will be all about the Lebron show, the where and when he makes his free agent announcement. Although most people believe he’s staying in Cleveland, there are rumblings that he’s going to New York now. Speaking of the Knicks, an hour before the show you can get your NBA free agency fix on the MSG Network.

NBA all-star Amar’e Stoudemire has signed with the NY Knicks (exclusive video reaction here), the first big name free agent to switch teams. Today, it was announced Chris Bosh will join the Heat, making him the second free agent star to switch teams. However, with all that excess cap room the Knicks have left, we’re wondering who else will make the move into the Big Apple and become a Knickerbocker.

MSG Network is celebrating the free agency period with “Knicks Night Live,” a one-hour long program scheduled for Thursday evenings @ 8PM throughout the summer in support of “Knicks Thursdays,” part of MSG Network’s Summer Block Party nightly themed programming blocks.

MSG Network is breaking news on the NBA, free-agent signings, press conferences, exclusive interviews, and more on “Knicks Night Live,” which will be hosted by Al Trautwig. NBA Fans can get expert analysis on “Knicks Night Live” and online here

New episode is Thursday July 8th at 8PM on MSG Network.

“I’m confident because we’ve got a great product. New York is very unique and we’re selling the best place in the world to come and live and play!”

– NY Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni on Free Agency.  Full exclusive interview here:


  1. Not sure why everyone’s so excited about LeBron and the Knicks

    He doesn’t seem to Knicks-enthused to me…

  2. paulmbanks says

    The parent co. of the Knicks was trading WAY UP today on “rumors of Lebron signing with them.” Of course stock market “experts” are often full of it when they explaining why stocks were up or down in a given day.

    Jared Dudley of the Suns tweeted that inside sources have him going to the Knicks

  3. paulmbanks says

    At this time last night, I thought Lebron’s chances of going…

    CLE 90% NYK 5% CHI 5%

    As of this moment, 1:33 AM CT on thu, I’m thinking

    CLE 50% NYK 30% CHI 20%

  4. Paul,

    MSG opened and went down 4% this morning… maybe you’re on to something.

    We’ll just have to watch the coverage which thankfully is online here with live stream so I can watch from my desk at work:

  5. paulmbanks says

    hahaha now the stock is down? Did “Mad Money”‘s Jim Cramer see that one? I loved his appearance in the film “Iron Man” btw, a summer blockbuster action flick is a perfect fit for him.

    Now everyone says Heat is where Bron-Bron is going. I don’t believe it thgouh because then Miami will have to fill out the rest of its roster, about 6 players for $456,000.

    They’ll have no cap room to fill out literally half their roster if they sign James. impossible

  6. idk… was it this blog that someone said FL doesn’t have a state income tax bc of tourism? One less tax on 100 M is a lot of money….

    Although in the press conference at the site just now they kept talking about how they’d been saving money for years to get good players and now they were gonna spend it… does that mean Lebron to the Knicks? idk… they’re doing a special on Amare at 8 and Lebron at 10 on the MSG network. All hype?

  7. And now I’ve just found this:

    (haha, can you tell

  8. *whoops, premature post:

    can you tell I’m a Knicks fan?

    btw, love the Jim Cramer crack. Did you see him on Jimmy Stewart? youtube it. So funny.

  9. paulmbanks says

    Yeah I kind of gathered you were all about the Knicks! That’s cool. Good luck tonight.

    The Cramer video when he was on Stewart was AWESOME! I’m not sure how much of it was staged, because it was so good

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