The LA Dodgers Organization: A Complete Sinking Ship


The divorce of Frank and Jamie McCourt has decimated the Dodgers organization. The ownership situation in the country’s two biggest markets has to have Bud Selig very concerned. The New York Mets’ Fred Wilpon should take a look down the right field line at Citi Field and notice the advertisement for the Fox Business Network. Watching that once in a while might rid him of some of his financial woes.

The decline of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles (enjoying that in Anaheim?) has been precipitous. Frank Sinatra would be proud of this collapse because they are certainly doing it “all the way.” The crowds at Chavez Ravine have been a fraction of the past years. It must be due to all the sports fans in the area saving their money to see the NFL team that doesn’t exist in the town. Much like Wrigley Field, the marketing department is even offering discounts that they haven’t done in years past.

The most popular tube steak in all of sports (Dodger Dog) is only a dollar during certain dates while all non-alcoholic concessions are half price during others. This sad commentary on the state of supply and demand is necessary. If chicks really do dig the long ball, then the team is in some serious trouble. On Friday night the club took down regional rival Padres with one total run scored in the entire contest.

Two recent events are further evidence of the state of disarray that permeates the entire organization. Vin Scully, the voice of the Dodgers, has sued the team over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This is a fraction of his annual salary, but it’s the principle that is alarming. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

I guess that is how the brass treats an icon who has been with the squad for over fifty years. More recently, public relations consultant and former star Steve Garvey was provided a pink slip for his devious attempts to become part of the ownership picture. When your supposed face of the organization and World Series star from thirty years ago gets canned for conduct unbecoming to the brand, there is not much lower to go. Orel Hershiser is the only hope for the team, but it is unlikely that he would leave his lucrative position over at ESPN.

I haven’t even mentioned much that has transpired on the field lately. The line-up is a case of either extreme success or sub-par performances. The All Star selections of Andre Eithier, Matt Kemp, and Clayton Kershaw demonstrate that they do have some young and exciting talent. If James Loney could provide some more punch from the first base position, the problem of runners left on base would be rectified. The inadequacies lie with the remainder of the roster. Jonathan Broxton has been missing in action all season. Rafael Furcal is in the twilight of his career and Jamey Carroll is playing entirely too many games in the infield.

Aaron Miles is not the answer either.


  1. As a Giants fan, you’d think that nothing would make me happier than to see the Dodgers collapse. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I need the Dodgers to be great so I can hate them. Hell, in the shape they are in now, I almost pity the poor slobs. The shame of it is, its not the players that have sunk them, it’s the a**hole owners. Just like the rest of corporate America. The top executives are sucking every dollar out the companies and shareholders they are supposed to serve. Look, I grew up watching Koufax, Drysdale, Wills and the rest of the great Dodger players on TV and in person at Candlestick. It was a great rivalry. This is a sad, sad situation and Bud needs to get off his posterior and act on this.

  2. As a life long fan, I can remember walking the bases at Dodger Stadium when I was a young boy. The memories of Fernandomania and watching him pitch a screwball from the mound alongside Gibson’s memorable home run in the World Series…these are but a few memories that apparently are not as significant in the way it has impacted true blue fans throughout their lives. It’s so sad to see the Dodger organization collapsing over greed and the almighty dollar. Then again it wouldn’t be the American way. Growing up in poverty the LA Dodgers were an outlet and escape from reality like no other like many true Dodger fans! Can someone please get past the BS and get the team and game back to the fans!

  3. Anonymous says

    the dodgers can play with my yoyo

  4. Anonymous says

    the dodgers lost many fans when they sign this bs contract with that sry ass cable co,the dodgers can really suck my bb,

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