How Ozzie Guillen Spent the Super Bowl Yesterday (TwitPic)


A decent stand-up comedian whose name I can’t recall once did a great bit about how no man, no matter how large and imposing, can ever look tough while sipping a straw. And it’s true.

I’d venture the same thing applies to sitting in your living room and eating jello. Even when it applies to Senor Swear Word, Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen. His overt (and certainly somewhat contrived) public image of machismo makes him the Tony Montana of Major League Baseball.

However, it’s hard to “say hi to the bad guy” here.

Check out this tweet of Guillen’s from last night.

Watching the game and eating my jello

So that’s the SB party Guillen attended yesterday. Ah those rich, famous celebrities- they have daily lives so glamorous and exciting few of us can comprehend.

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