White Sox Fans Need to Show Up or Shut Up for Tigers Series


Let’s be honest White Sox fans, despite our place in the standings, the Detroit Tigers have owned the Chicago White Sox this year in every sense of the word.  The Tigers have swept the Sox in back-to-back series, crushed us in home attendance and since the beginning of the season have received all of the attention, praise and post season backing from media outside of Chicago.  According to most fans, the White Sox are done and their upcoming series at U.S. Cellular Field will be the unofficial proclamation of death for our season.  Judging by the White Sox attendance the last two home stands, White Sox fans seem to agree.  Heck, if attendance were reflective of a fan base belief in a team, even the Chicago Cubs would have a better shot at the post season this year.


Good.  Now the Question for White Sox fans is: What are you going to do about it?

Despite being in first place for most of the season and having one of the most fan-friendly parks in baseball, the White Sox are averaging a paltry 24, 255 fans per game this year (24th in MLB).  The Detroit Tigers average well over 37,000 (7th in MLB).

Is your blood boiling yet?  White Sox fans who always cry about the team not getting the respect they deserve, or who complain about how much better of a franchise we are then the Chicago Cubs don’t have a leg to stand on when a team on-pace to lose the most games ever in their franchise history is drawing an average of 36,343 fans per game (10th in MLB).

Even the Baltimore Orioles, who are having a storybook season contending against the New York Yankees in the powerhouse AL East are outdrawing the White Sox at 25,976 (22nd in MLB).

Are you ready to post a comment telling me off complaining about prices?  The number of deals the team have promoted this year have minimized that excuse.  Television ratings have backed it even more.

The bottom line is this: WIN OR LOSE THIS IS THE SERIES THE WHITE SOX SHOULD BE SELLING OUT EVERY GAME.  The stands shouldn’t be filled orange and blue either.

Regardless of how you feel about our chances, prices, the weather, whatever, the undeniable fact is that the White Sox are still in first place.  Detroit has swept consecutive three-game home series against Chicago in the last two months, but have not been able to overtake us in the standings.

The Tigers have outscored the White Sox 43-22 in the season series, yet they are still looking up at us in the standings.

So how about a little payback?  Payback for A.J. Pierzynski, who was the target of performance enhancing drug rumors, traced directly to a Tigers fan page.  Do we not need to show A.J. that we have his back?

Perhaps a packed-house might inspire the White Sox to improve upon their inability to hit with runners in scoring position.

The purpose of this article was not to lose followers or even to put White Sox fans down.  I have said all along I believe that we are the most dedicated, passionate fans in the world.  I’m all about proving people wrong.

The Tigers are the better team?  Hopefully our White Sox can take care of that starting tonight.

White Sox fans only show up when their team wins.  Well we have been winning, ALL SEASON LONG.  Lets prove that statement right White Sox Fans.  It’s time to put up or shut up!

High Five!

Soxman is a local celebrity and journalist in the Chicago area.  He is a Sportsbank senior writer and passionate White Sox fan.  You can follow him on Twitter @thesoxman72 or on Facebook as White Soxman.


  1. I have to agree with the SoxMan statement! We have to support our team no two ways about it. Let be there for the only real baseball team in Chicago! Maybe we should show up all in Black like what we did a few years back. Bottom line lets give them the support they have earned.

    Go Sox!

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