White Sox White Flag MLB Trade Rumors


The Chicago White Sox announced recently that they will listen to offers for anyone on their roster with the exception of pitcher Chris Sale and first baseman Paul Konerko.  In a recent question and answer session with the fans, most indicated that any player would be fair game if led to a better team in the long run.  So the Sportsbank takes a look at possible locations for players on the White Sox roster and offers names of possible prospects the White Sox could get in return.  Your MLB trade rumors featuring the White Sox are right here!

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White Sox Fans Need to Show Up or Shut Up for Tigers Series

Let’s be honest White Sox fans, despite our place in the standings, the Detroit Tigers have owned the Chicago White Sox this year in every sense of the word.  The Tigers have swept the Sox in back-to-back series, crushed us in home attendance and since the beginning of the season have received all of the attention, praise and post season backing from media outside of Chicago.  According to most fans, the White Sox are done and their upcoming series at U.S. Cellular Field will be the unofficial proclamation of death for our season.  Judging by the White Sox attendance the last two home stands, White Sox fans seem to agree.  Heck, if attendance were reflective of a fan base belief in a team, even the Chicago Cubs would have a better shot at the post season this year.

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Baltimore Orioles lose exhibition game to a community college


State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota chapter, edged the Baltimore Orioles 2-1 in a charity game at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, FL today. That’s right, a community college beat the O’s in a spring exhibition game. I think O’s should be changed to zeroes or “uh-O’s” from now on. Maybe Baltimore can take on the Greendale Community College Human Beings next.

Although their chances versus characters on a fictional sitcom probably aren’t great either.

To be fair there were some caveats/if/buts to this loss.

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Cy Young Award Winner, Baltimore Orioles Legend Mike Flanagan Dies


Mike Flanagan, a the 1979 American League Cy Young winner and part of the Baltimore Orioles’ 1983 World Series championship team, was found dead today in his home in Monkton, Maryland. He was 59 years old.

The Orioles confirmed that Flanagan, who served the team as a front office executive and television broadcaster after his pitching days were over,  was dead.

Flanagan went 167-143 with a 3.90 ERA over 18 seasons with Baltimore and the division rival Toronto Blue Jays.

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Streak for the Cash: Orioles over Reds

“We’re going streaking… through the quad to the gymnasium!” Okay, maybe just virtually, but nonetheless we are one-for-one so far on picking ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. Let’s keep it going!

For the remainder of the baseball season, I will try to give one baseball game a day that I think is a lock for the Streak for the Cash. Let’s see how big of a streak we can build.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Baltimore Orioles Luke Scott: the most Racist, Backwards and Ignorant Player in MLB


Where was the Twitter outrage when Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott announced he was still a birther moron? Yes, even after the White House released President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Scott choose not to believe in basic facts. Yet the media seemed to largely ignore Scott’s statement, like they do all of Scott’s other insane ramblings that make any thinking person wonder: “does he seriously wear a tin foil hat?”

Since Rashard Mendenhall was ostracized, and lost endorsements over his “unique” opinions on global geopolitics and the structural engineering of skyscrapers, it’s only fair Scott feel the heat for his equally bats%^t, devoid of reality public statements.

Too many people overlook the fact that he actually is a racist redneck, and not just some lovable hillbilly who likes to hunt. Does he get a pass because he’s white? Probably.

You can’t tell one athlete to “just shut up and play,” when he says something controversial. And then let the other one slide when he says something equally ignorant and uniformed. Right now it looks like a racial double standard is at work.

But let’s look closer at Scott, and all of his bigoted and backwards thoughts.

By Paul M. Banks

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Paul Konerko Already Getting 2011 AL MVP Consideration


Chicago White Sox first baseman and team captain Paul Konerko is starting the 2011 season where he ended 2010, as a cornerstone of the team and offensive juggernaut.

Last week, Konerko was named co-American League Player of the Week with Cleveland’s Asdrubal Cabrera.

After clubbing two homers in Sunday game against the Tampa Rays, Konerko finished the week hitting .417 with three home runs and eight RBI in six games. At that point, he was tied for the AL lead in home runs and RBI, ranked second in slugging percentage (.833) and ranked third in average.

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Winning month for the Baltimore Orioles? Yes, Really


When the Baltimore Orioles take the field Tuesday night against the Boston Red Sox, they will do so with a 16-11 record in the month of August. Considering the team is 48-83 with a winning percentage of .366 on the year, that fact truly says something. Since new manager Buck Showalter took over the team on August 3rd, the O’s have been 16-10. The “Buck Bump” brought them up from the worst record in Major League Baseball to just simply the worst record in the American League.

The Orioles haven’t had a winning season since 1998, but they still can avoid a 100 loss season in 2010 should they manage a 15-16 record or better down the stretch.

Given their phantasmagoric futility the last decade and change, you might have forgotten what the Orioles were from 1966-1997.

By Paul M. Banks

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Ex-Cubs Corey Patterson and Felix Pie finding new life as Orioles


These days you’re hearing a lot about the Chicago Cubs farm system and how great it is. And it’s true, there’s a ton of talent in the Cubsminor league system, but sometimes that talent doesn’t actually reach it’s full potential in the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery for a player to hit his stride.

If there’s one team that’s Chicago Cubs East, it’s the Baltimore Orioles as they have two of the Cubs highest rated prospects: Corey Patterson and Felix Pie in their outfield. They join fellow Cubs castoffs Jake Fox (utility infielder) and Orioles president of baseball Andy MacPhail; president/CEO of the Cubs from September 9, 1994 until Oct. 1, 2006. MacPhail had previously won two World Series championships as general manager of the Minnesota Twins.

Patterson, the third overall pick in the 1998 MLB Draft, was billed a “five tool player” when he was coming up through the Cubs’ organization. Pie (pronounced “pee-ay”), a fellow “five-tooler,” likewise had Andre the Giant sized hype as his co-pilot to the Majors. Neither lived up to the expectations in The Chi, but both are reinventing themselves now in Camden Yards.

By Paul M. Banks

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2010 MLB Mock Draft 2.0 (6-2-10)

Bryce Harper

With the 2010 MLB draft just five days away, it’s time for the second version of its mock up, complete with a few changes big and small.

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2010 MLB Mock Draft (Picks 1-16)

Top prospect Bryce Harper

For pick-by-pick analysis of the 2010 MLB draft’s first round, click here.

With up to 50 rounds adding up to 1,600 picks, most of which either don’t sign or won’t be seen for three to four years, the MLB Draft doesn’t hold the same attention grabbing star power as its NFL and NBA counter parts.

But that doesn’t mean MLB Mock Drafts aren’t still fun to discuss and debate, especially with the draft only a few weeks away.

For picks 17-32 of the 2010 mock first round, click here.

For the updated MLB mock draft 2.0, click here.

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