Cubs Ramblings to Report as Pitchers and Catchers Report Soon


I am a rambling, rambling, rambling man.

As you can tell by the headline, it is time to ramble. Let the thoughts flow, let it all hang out, let it go.

So let’s do this. Ramble on!

• Picking up where I left off last week, the Groundhog says Spring is near. I think Punxsutawney Phil must have not seen the 24 inches of freaking snow in Chicago.

• So, the Cubs are giving good ole Lou Montanez another shot. The only person has been given more “second chances” than him is Charlie Sheen.

• I want to take Matt Garza and Carlos Zambrano out for drinks, get them liquored up and then start a fight …

• No, I don’t really want to do that.

• Okay, yes, I totally want that to happen.

• Are the Brewers really going to win the NL Central? Really? Really?

• I can’t allow that to happen. The Packers already won the Super Bowl. I don’t want experience a sports landscape where Wisconsin is superior.

• I mean, it’s not fair. They already got the cheese thing going for them. What else do they need?

• Seriously, have you ever been to the Mars Cheese Castle. It’s awesome. Actually, Belinda Carlisle said it best, “Heaven is a place on earth.” And that place is the Mars Cheese Castle.

Ryan Dempster is going to have a big year. I can just feel it now. He is going to be huge. I have nothing to back this up. It is just a feeling.

• I think one of the most underrated aspects of Kerry’s return is his impact in the clubhouse. With him and Dempster, I really think there is going to be great chemistry and leadership.

• Soriano hits 30 jacks. I just think that is what will happen.

• Fukudome is going to hit .365 in April.

• I know I slipped his name in there earlier, but whoa, Charlie Sheen. It’s really not funny anymore. Help yourself, bud. Or let someone help you.

• Things I wonder: Did Mike Quade get a super-awesome new place or is he still living in the same place as last year?

• I would bet that it is the same or similar as last year.

• I am going to the Kentucky Derby this year. Any hotel recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Comment below.

• Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on television. I have DirecTV so I have been watching the final season before it is on NBC. I have one more episode left. Words don’t properly describe my sadness. What idiot is not renewing this show? Why is it not coming back? In an age where 90% of TV shows are idiotic crap, this fantastic piece of art is leaving. Sad.

• So, if you have never seen it, I suggest “netflixing” it all starting with the first season. Just phenomenal stuff.

• Wow. Sorry for that. That deserves a “How do you really feel about it” type of question.

• Well, I have rambled for close to 600 words, and really, there is nothing of substance. But I leave you with this: If you have never been, go to the Mars Cheese Castle, and when you get back, watch an episode of Friday Nights Lights, then tip a beer to the thought of me starting fights so I can watch Garza and Z smash on people. Can you tell I need baseball season to start?

Okay, folks. That is all for now. Can you tell I need Cubs season to start? I will let you get back to whatever it was that you were doing. Sorry for making you stupid today.

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