Albert Almora Says He Did Not Give President Trump the Middle Finger


albert almora

The Chicago Cubs visited the White House for a second time yesterday, and this time the occasion had very limited media access. Limitations aside, this photo of Cubs outfielder Albert Almora seemingly extending his middle finger, albeit downward emerged and briefly created some uproar.

Of course, if Almora was actually “flipping the bird” to President Trump, he would have had his hand turned upward, not downward. Have a look:

An explanation soon followed that Albert Almora was just hooking finders in his pants, not making the obscene gesture of “flicking off” Trump.

“I had two fingers out. I’d never do that to the president of the United States,” he said. “We laugh about it now. But there were two fingers out there. Definitely two fingers.” (quotes via the Chicago Sun-Times, who have seemingly renamed him “Alberto” Almora in this article)

In that photo, which captured that specific moment, there was just one finger, not two, and that one finger was indeed the middle finger. Still, intent is what really matters and if Almora says he wasn’t trying to disrespect POTUS45, then we must take him at his word. It’s worth noting that Albert Almora said ahead of the visit that he was really looking forward to it.

Plus, he’s really a genuinely good guy, he’s on the cover of the latest PAWS Chicago magazine, because of all the great work he does for rescue dogs.

albert almora

Also, if Albert Almora really wanted to stand in resistance to Trump, he would have just skipped the visit, as up to 10 Cubs were reportedly planning to do. You also might be wondering why the Cubs were at the White House again, when they already visited in January, four days before Barack Obama left office.

Well, the visit reportedly came about because it was a favor to Cubs co-Owner Todd Ricketts, who was appointed Deputy Secretary of Commerce in the Trump administration. It’s also worth nothing that TD Ameritrade Founder Joe Ricketts donated $1 million to the Donald Trump Presidential campaign.

Since we’re talking Ricketts, and Washington D.C. politics, you must see this:

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