Whatever Happened to MSU’s Mateen Cleaves?


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We know Mateen’s been out of b-ball for awhile. But what is the leader of the 2000 Michigan State Spartans National Championship team up to now?

Lostlettermen.com recently did a podcast interview where he discusses his friendship with Heisman Trophy Mark Ingram, his bromance with Tom Izzo and his very unpopular belief that Plaxico Burress got a raw deal from the law.

Here’s an excerpt:

LL: I gotta ask you about a picture floating around the Internet of you, Mark Ingram, the Heisman and a baby. What’s the genesis of that photo and whose child is that? Is that yours?

MC: Yeah that’s my son. I just had a son six months ago. His name is Mateen, middle name is Izzy, named after Tom Izzo, last name Cleaves. Yeah, I always … my son … I think I made a comment on there like “NCAA Final Four MVP, the Heisman Trophy … guess who’s next?”

So that’ll be a picture I’ll be hanging up in his room and let him know where the bar is in our family. We don’t accept … we shoot for the stars in this family here.

I want him every time he gets out there, every day, to look at that picture and know where the bar is and that’s what you want to do if you pursue sports or not even just sports. Whatever it is, just strive to be successful in life.

Read/listen to the whole thing here

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