Big Ten Power Rankings


By Paul M. Banks, David K, & Peter Christian

1. Michigan State

-Momentum is on the Spartans side right now
-Izzo finally beat Bo
-If you can beat this team on the boards, you’ll likely go far come March


-Getting healthy and regaining their chemistry at the perfect time
– 10-1 with Hummel in the line-up in conference play, 0-3 without him
-Cuonzo Martin must love this team

3. Illinois

-33 point games aside, they are playing well beyond expectations
– Gutsy performance in win at The Ohio State University
-3rd ranked scoring defense compensates for those nights when the motion offense stands still

4. Wisconsin
-Finally coming together to end the season.
– Trevon Hughes is terrible.  I’m surprised Bo hasn’t strangled him yet.
-Sort of traded places with Michigan since January

5. Penn State

-Big Ten’s leading scorer and nearly 20 wins has to count for something, right?
– Hanging on the bubble by a thread
-Tailor Battle may have a porn star name, but he can ball

6. Minnesota

-Inconsistency is the new constant for Tubby’s team
– Only chance is when their defense is unstoppable
-41 points at Illinois, no bubbly in Champaign

7. Ohio State

-Nice win over Penn State almost helps forget the three consecutive losses by a combined 10 points
– Snapped 3-game skid in a crucial game against Penn State
-Dallas Lauderdale may have a porn star name, but he’s a solid contributor

8. Northwestern
-Another season without a tournament appearance. I’d say “maybe next year” but another Chicago team has that copyrighted
– Hey, an NIT birth isn’t terrible for the Cats, right?
-After last season’s 8-22, 1-17 catastrophe, any postseason berth will do

9. Michigan
-Promising start turns into a disappointing finish. Wolverine fans have to feel like giving themselves a swirly right about now.
– Must win Sunday at Wisconsin if they want any hope of dancing.
-Sort of traded places with Wisconsin

10. Iowa
-Iowa is ranked 10th because Indiana has to be ranked 11th.
– I mean, at least they’re keeping games relatively close.
-Do their own fans even want to watch this team?

11. Indiana
-At what point does Tom Crean just say “Screw it, I’m calling Eric Gordon to find out where I can buy some weed”
– Lost at home to Northwestern for first time in 33 games.  HAHA.
-I’m loving watching this train wreck in circus clown pants season continue


  1. Illinois is now in second place after Pur’s loss. Sunday’s ILL-MSU looks pretty big now

  2. Crean’s misery makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Is that wrong? You’re so nice to my Badgers at #4. Thanks!

  3. Go Illini!

  4. Shonta Sulit says


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