Colts Vontae Davis twitter violates NFL tampering rules? account hacked?



Either Indianapolis Colts cornerback Vontae Davis Twitter account (and it’s a verified account so it’s supposed to be Davis himself tweeting) blatantly violated NFL free agent tampering rules or……………….his claims of being hacked are true, and the Vontae Davis Twitter account is now doing damage control for him with subsequent tweets. At least the former Miami Dolphins and Illinois Fighting Illini corner didn’t do the usual delete-the-original-tweet-that-got-you-in-trouble bit.

It’s still there.


Starting March 9th, pending free agents (like Sean Smith, who will command a big payday on the open market) are allowed to speak with all NFL clubs. If they are doing so now, it is tampering.

Both Smith’s former team and his rumored future team, the Miami Dolphins and K.C. Chiefs, declined to comment on this. As Davis and Smith are friends, there may be a lot of truth to this rumor; and the Vontae Davis Twitter account, maybe Davis himself, is engaging in serious CYA. Check out these tweets:




The NFL also has no comment on this matter. So maybe it’s Smith’s agent who is really talking to the Chiefs right now on Smith’s behalf, and not Smith himself? Or maybe Vontae just gave away an NFL free agent signing weeks before it can be made public? Or the Vontae Davis Twitter account was truly compromised? Either way, it seems like Vontae’s decision making wasn’t exceptional; but what do you expect from a guy who played his college football while being coached by Ron Zook?

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  1. Jennajoehro says

    You’re a Fulbright scholar and an MBA but you can’t be bothered with grammar and sentence structure? That was the most poorly written article I have ever read.

  2. where are the grammar and sentence structure problems you speak of?? point out the examples. And you missed the subtlety of the article, I said “Vontae Davis Twitter account” not “Vontae Davis’ Twitter account” over and over on purpose. Because if he’s really hacked, it’s not Davis tweeting. It’s to protect the innocent and intentional

  3. I really enjoyed this! Please update us! Keep up the good work!

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