Things to Remember Before Going to the Preakness Stakes


The horse racing community is starting to prepare for the triple crown races for next year. Although the first race is still months and months away, many people are becoming so excited for next year’s races. It is highly anticipated that everything will be back to normal by next year, and this will be the first time people will experience these races without the fear of the COVID-19.

It may be the reason why horse race enthusiasts are looking forward to next year. One of the biggest races in the industry will be the Preakness Stakes, and if you are planning to witness this event live, you must remember all these things below before you go.

Familiarize the Contenders

First, before you even book your flight to Baltimore, MD, or purchase that race ticket, you must familiarize the contenders for the 2022 Preakness Stakes. The best way to do this is to watch the 2022 Kentucky Derby, as this is the first race of the Triple Crown.

Once you watch the Kentucky Derby, you will know who will run on the Preakness Stakes, which is the second race of the Triple Crown. This is also the best way to watch the possible contenders of the Preakness Stakes perform so that you will know who you will wager during your trip to the Preakness Stakes.

Buy the Necessary Tickets

If you travel just to watch the race, you should book your flight ahead of time. Additionally, it is also recommended to purchase your race ticket in advance. This way, you will be sure that when you arrive in Maryland, you will surely attend the race that you came there for.

Remember that next year’s Triple Crown races are expected to be significant as it is the first race after the pandemic, and spectators are expected to watch these races in person. Therefore, the chances of the tickets getting sold out early are high, which is why you must make your purchase as soon as you can.

Know-How to Wager

Your Preakness Stakes experience will not be completed if you will not bet on site. Betting on your favorite contender will increase the excitement you will experience in the race. It is also an excellent way to profit while enjoying your favorite sports after a long time being on a lockdown.

There are so many ways to learn how to bet correctly and to increase your chances of winning. But the first step in betting is to know the odds of the race. Thus, you can check the latest odds in Preakness Stakes at It is a beneficial tool to know who amongst the runners have a huge chance to win the race.

Book Your Accommodation

You must have somewhere comfortable to stay in Maryland. There are so many nice and affordable accommodations near the Pimlico Race Course that you can choose from. You can also opt for the hotels within the vicinity, but they can be more expensive.

When choosing a place to stay, make sure that it is within your budget. What is essential is that the place is clean, near the race track, and comfortable with good service. There are so many ways to attend the Preakness Stakes on a budget.

Dress to Impress

Just in case you haven’t known this yet, there is a huge link between horse racing and fashion. For some reason, horse racing events, including Preakness Stakes, have become a runway for the audience where they flaunt their outfits.

If you want to dress appropriately for the occasion, there are so many guides online that will teach you how to dress for the Preakness Stakes. But, remember, not only to dress for the occasion, but you must dress to impress. Furthermore, you must check the Pimlico dress code before choosing an outfit for the race.

Grab That Crab

Never forget to try the iconic dish of Baltimore – the crab. This seafood cuisine will surely complete your Preakness Stakes weekend getaway. You can never say that you fully experienced the Preakness Stake if you did not taste how deliciously these crabs are cooked.

If you are one of those individuals who are allergic to seafood, then it is recommended to try other iconic dishes that are best enjoyed in Baltimore, MD.

Enjoy the Pre-Party

Just in case you didn’t know yet, Preakness Stakes have a pre-party event open for all the Preakness Stakes enthusiasts who want to participate in many events. During the pre-party, you can have the opportunity to donate or join the auction that is put together for a good cause.

This pre-party celebration also honors the retired racehorses that once ran for the Triple Crown races and all other races. Aside from partying with a good cause, it is also the best time to earn new friends.

To Sum It Up

There are so many reasons why you must go to the 2022 Preakness Stakes. It is not only for the race itself but for the people, the place, the food, and the party with a cause. It can be a great weekend getaway that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.



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