What You Should Know About Indoor Soccer Shoes


Indoor soccer may seem like quite the oxymoron, but contrary to what is seen on screen during major events such as the World Cup, the sport is indeed usually practiced off the field, which helps players circumvent trouble with inclement weather and the like. Even amateur players will want to pursue a game with their friends indoors, which is why paying attention to the specific gear available on the market for this express purpose is important. Getting the proper indoor soccer shoes can make or break your ability to play the sport proficiently, and can also keep you safe from injury. The following is a brief primer covering all the important points you need to know about indoor soccer shoes.


Let’s start from the top: what are indoor soccer shoes and what makes them special? They are basically constructed with surfaces such as a hard court or even asphalt in mind; not a soft, green patch of grass. There are different kinds of shoes you can purchase depending on the surface you’ll be dealing with. For example, if your “turf” or the ground on which you will be practicing is fairly thin, then you will need a pair of shoes that have a gummy, rubbery flat outsole. This is the prime difference between indoor soccer shoes and outdoor ones. If you will be playing on real or artificial grass, this means that your turf is fairly thick, so you will have to purchase the traditional shoes with molded plastic studs.


Soccer shoes as a general rule of thumb are simple, yet highly sophisticated gear that is structured very mindfully. If you want to be able to purchase the best pair of indoor shoes for you, then you should familiarize yourself with how they are constructed. One feature entirely unique to traditional soccer shoes is the “cleats,” which give you more traction as you play outdoors. Most indoor shoes come without this key feature, as cleats are known to ruin most synthetic surfaces. Instead, the outsoles are made of gum rubber, which does not leave marks on indoor grounds. Then, as the experts at https://thesportbro.com/best-indoor-soccer-shoes/ note, you need to decide the kind of soles you would like your shoe to have. There are the flat ones, which are good for indoor surfaces, gum rubber which allows you to move faster, solid rubber, which provides a one-size-fits-all type of approach, and cleats which are mainly for turfs made of artificial grass or outdoor games. 

Other key structural features to be on the lookout for is the material of the shoe itself, as well as their style and price. Material for indoor soccer shoes is just as important a factor as they are for the regular, everyday shoes you purchase. You want to make sure that the pair you choose has materials that are breathable, durable, and flexible. Blisters and other forms of discomfort will hamper your ability to enjoy playing the sport indoors. Some of the best indoor soccer shoes are made of premium leather, but these tend to come with a high price tag. That being said, you do not need to purchase an incredibly expensive shoe in order to enjoy a modicum of comfort. There are plenty of models available within different price points that can meet your needs – just be mindful of the shoes’ key structural components and ensure that the pair you invest in is right for you.


One of the advantages of indoor soccer shoes is that their structural functionality allows players to run forward fast, as well as a pivot, and make their way around the court without stressing key muscles as much. They are also fairly light. Although to be sure, this could be a good or bad thing depending upon your needs. Some players find that they will ultimately crave the cushioning that comes with running shoes, but there is an easy fix for this: indoor soccer shoes are remarkably customizable, so when you want to provide extra comfort, consider gel heels or shoe inserts. 

Furthermore, if you want to ensure that you have more control then these shoes are the way to go, which is excellent for any serious player who enjoys the support and wants to be able to play to the best of their ability. 

Depending on your specific podiatric needs, and the unique style that expresses your personality, you are bound to find the best pair of indoor soccer shoes for you. However, you should become familiar with the key features of this specific shoe and the ways it is structured in order to know exactly where and how to find the most comfortable model that will allow you to enjoy playing soccer whenever and wherever you can.

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