Four Weed Facts You Should Know


Smoking pot or eating biscuits? How long does the “high” effect last? How to control the “stoned” condition? We will answer these questions below.

Consumption Way

How quickly the effects of cannabis kick in depends on the dose, the method of consumption, and the tolerance of the user. When smoked as a joint or with a vaporizer, cannabis shows a fast outcome: the “high” or “stoned” effect begins after a few minutes. Zamnesia’s helpful cannabis guides can provide more information. Use the link to buy weed online Canada and get the best strains and concentrates. When cannabis is consumed as a hash brownie, hemp biscuit, or a drink, the effect raises rather slower ­ it can take up to two hours until the jag occurs.

Lasting Effect

Smoking consumption creates the effect after a few minutes and ends after two to three hours at the latest. It differs from strain to strain. The best effect produces the AAAA weed, which is particularly demanded and widely consumed. It is possible to buy AAAA weed here. When taken orally per food, the “high” condition lasts up to 4 hours. The same effect during oral intake can occur very suddenly and have a different quality. Some users can become psychologically overwhelmed by the sudden and intense “stoned” condition.


If everything goes well, you feel more relaxed and happier. For patients with pain, a pain-relieving effect occurs. However, it is also possible that the effect is too strong, and, instead, you feel dizzy, can no longer converse intelligibly, your thoughts circle incessantly, or you simply feel sick. Therefore, it is necessary to read the full description of the strain/sort you wish to buy.

Bring under Control

Those who smoke cannabis can better control the “high” effect. For example, if consumers notice that it is getting too strong, they can simply stop smoking. With biscuits or brownies, the situation is different: If you accidentally consume too much, you may feel the effect much longer. A calming conversation, a walk, or increased cold water consumption may provide some relief. And if it starts, there is no comeback. Therefore, consume responsibly.

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