Useful Golf Tips From the Pros


Playing golf is a wonderful pastime, but it can be infuriating! There is no other sport where your leisurely afternoon with friends can be pure joy or three hours of ultimate frustration. Whether you’ve had that one nightmare game or not, you’re probably still looking to improve your game. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spoken to golf pros across the country to bring you their top tips for improving your golf game. 

Get Some Lessons

Lessons are a great help for beginners and experienced golfers alike. There are so many benefits to spending some time with a pro, as discussed regularly over at A golf coach can give you hands-on tips for improving your swing, grip, posture, and drive. They are usually ex-professionals so have plenty of experience in the game and plenty of knowledge to share. Golf lessons with a good pro don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to improve drastically we’d certainly recommend reaching out to your local club about lessons.

Get A Grip! 

One of the most important parts of a golf swing is the grip. Without using proper grip technique your swing and overall game will suffer. Here’s a quick guide on a golf grip. Assuming you are right-handed, you should place your left hand around the grip an inch or so below the top. Then, interlocking your right index and your left pinky, place your right hand below your left. Your two thumbs should nestle together, both pointing directly down the shaft on your clubs. With your fingers linked and your thumb straight you have ultimate control over the clubs’ power and angle, putting you in the best position for a great swing and impressive shot.

Improving Your Swing and Drive

The grip isn’t the only crucial part of a golf swing, though. Posture and power are both extremely important, too. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your legs should hold a slight bend at the knee. Push your backside out slightly, keeping the knees bent, and making sure your back is straight with shoulders back. This posture should feel strong yet relaxed. As you upswing, you should rotate from the core, bringing the club up and over your shoulder. Then, without trying too hard, keep your eyes on the ball and swing forward, again rotating from the core and lower back. This should give you a clean connection and impressive drive. Spend some time at a driving range to practice your swing, eventually taking it to the real course when you feel ready.

Chip vs Pitch

Professionals we spoke to regularly told us about people choosing pitch shots over chip shots at the wrong times. When approaching the green, it is often tempting to break out the sand wedge or nine iron and hit high and short, trying to stop the ball dead on landing. This, however, is an extremely hard skill to perfect and often the wrong choice. Instead, go for a low chip and allow the ball to roll. Landing a short but powerful chip on the edge of the green and allowing it to roll towards the flag can often yield much nicer results than attempting the high pitch.

Reading The Green 

Another skill often mentioned by the golf pros was learning to read the green. As you will know, greens are not even, so it’s common practice to get low and assess the slope of the ground before placing a putt. That, though skill in itself, isn’t all you should be considering. Think also about the grass itself. Believe it or not, as the day goes on the direction the grass is growing will often change, usually in line with the direction of the sun. The direction the grass is growing can affect the way the ball breaks almost as much as a slight slope on the green. It’s also worth assessing the thickness of the grass. Look at the grass from multiple angles. Does it seem lighter on one side and darker on another? The darkness of the grass often indicates how deep into the grain you are, meaning a slower putt. Combine these two skills to impress everyone with your clever reading of the green and perfect putts.

Perfecting your golf game may take some time, but with these tips from the professionals, you can start to improve aspects of it right away. Take some time to practice these tips, with or without a coach, and then take it to the course to show off your skills. Good luck improving your golf game, it’ll be worth it.


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