Golf Equipment That Will Take You from High Handicap to Pro


Golf is an extremely entertaining sport that works for both those who want to play for fun or want to take it to the professional leagues. Although it can get quite challenging at times, you can get better at anything with time and practice. When it comes to sports, other materials can help make you a pro. The type of equipment you use can truly make a huge difference – especially if you are a high handicap (average golfer) wanting to become a professional golfer. Below you will find a list of items you will need to own to take you to that next level.

1.     Drivers, Irons, and Putters

These three are different types of clubs, and it’s important for you to know the difference between them in order to make good use of them. Drivers typically have the longest shaft and are designed to “drive” the ball for long distances. Irons have shorter shafts and are typically used to propel the ball closer to the hole once it has been hit that long distance. Putters take the ball to the endgame- the hole. Once you are really close to the hole, you will need the putter, which has a flat-faced head, to score. Generally, there are clubs for high handicappers made specifically to train you to become a better golfer. You may have to make use of all three types of clubs if you want to go to the higher leagues.

2.     Golf Clothes

Although you may think that any clothes would be suitable to play golf as you do not have to move around a lot, the type of clothes you wear will make a huge difference. On a golf course, the most common attire is shirts with collars – yet you need to make sure that the tee is comfortable and will help your upper body move with ease. Also, depending on your style, you may either want to wear pants or shorts – whichever is more convenient and relaxing.

3.     Tees and Golf Balls

Starting out, you may want to buy less expensive balls as you may lose them more frequently. Over time though, your control is higher, and you will want to invest in them more. The type of ball you use depends on you as a player, sometimes a ball can be a little heavy or a little too light for your touch, therefore keep practicing with the different types to find one that suits your level of playing. For the tees, (the stands that hold the ball in place), you can either buy a plastic one or a wooden one. Wooden tees can break quicker, yet they are not as expensive as the plastic ones given that they break less often. The standard is 2 and ¾ inch plastic tees, but it will still depend on what you are comfortable with.

Before buying anything, make sure you know your specific level in golf. Your skillset may require different types of equipment than others. If you have a coach, ask them whether you require the different types of clubs, tees, and rangefinders or not. If not, ask a professional or someone who has been playing golf for a while to help you out!


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