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The coronavirus, which has been designated as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, has affected several sectors including football. But what is going on now behind the scenes at UEFA with La Liga, Premier League, and all European Leagues?

In March, UEFA had an important meeting that was really vital towards the health of European football. Everybody was anticipating what was going happen, and what decisions were going be made.

UEFA has confirmed that EURO 2020 has been postponed until the summer of 2021. EURO 2020 was due to start in June and to be staged across 10 different European cities. Instead of that, it’s pushed back to 2021.

The sport was massively affected by the pandemic but the good news is that you can still watch football on TV today.

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Copa America postponed until 2021

This summer Copa America 2020 was due to take place in Colombia and Argentina. It was scheduled to begin on 12th June 2020, but that is now being postponed until the summer of 2021. Right now the footballing calendar this summer is clear in order to allow various leagues to finish their seasons. According to CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez that is an exceptional measure for an unexpected situation.

When will the Premier League Resume?

On March 13, the Premier League announced that all matches would be postponed. Later the same month, they had an important meeting. The main aim was to decide on their fate with many different propositions on the table as to how to finish the season. It was reiterated that the league will restart when government and medical guidance permits it so. The Premier League had planned to return on April 4, but then the league was suspended until April 30, and later indefinitely. That’s a sign of how unstable the situation has been for the last few months. We are still waiting for details on how the league will come out and when football fixtures will resume. For any updates, you can check the full Football TV Schedule on Telefootball.net.

La Liga Wants to Finish This Season

Spain right now is one of the worst affected countries in the world. Regardless of this situation, they want to finish this season and by no means are they looking to void the current campaign or to end early. For now, no date has been set but the Spanish football federation has promised they will try to complete the season.

Bundesliga May Return Soon

Bundesliga in Germany may be the first European League that will return following the pandemic. They are set to bring the top two tiers of their competitions back but under some conditions. Bundesliga is planning to return the matches from May 9.

When will Champions League Resume?

We are not going to see unfortunately the Champions League continues exactly as we left it. Football right now simply cannot continue in the way that we expected a few months ago. Just a few months ago everything seemed to be normal, everything seemed to be moving along just fine. Now everything is changing and some of these games are going to suffer in order to get the season done, to get it finished. And this is a much difficult process with a Champions League and Europa League than the normal domestic leagues.

La Liga, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga will get their season completed. At some point during the summer, they will try and get the games going providing. If the situation does improve providing, if things do get better, they will try and get out on the field. But for the Champions League and Europa League it’s a much more difficult process because it is incorporating their different nations coming together, they should think about travelling fans, about players, which need to travel between nations.

Right now the situation with borders is not ideal as well and it’s a very difficult obstacle to overcome. Italy and Spain are two of the worst-affected countries. That’s the real problem right now. Teams can’t go in and out freely in these countries at the moment. Even if they get the matches done behind closed doors they will still put people at risk because there are players and staff who have tested positive.

It’s been suggested the finals of the Europa League and Champions League will be scheduled for June 24 and 27. Keep yourself updated on https://www.telefootball.net/US/liveonly live scores and results.

All these things together it’s one knock-on effect – resuming football matches are going to process that takes time and considers many different aspects into consideration. Hopefully, at the end of all, that’s there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

Which Games are on TV Today?

Although the pandemic there is almost always some football actions to watch on TV. You can still watch Belarus Premier League, K League 1, Faroe island Premier League, and so on. You can keep you updated for all the channels broadcasting live football games right now. At Telefootball.net you can find all information about matches, TV Schedules and football live scores.

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