Jose Mourinho Hits Out at Giovani Lo Celso Lacking Fitness


Tottenham Hotspur bounced back in the UEFA Europa League with a win over Ludogorets on Thursday. After the game, Jose Mourinho strongly criticized Giovani Lo Celso, despite his impressive performance.

Getting the win put Spurs on top of their group, ahead of Antwerp, on goal difference. Their 3-1 victory was secured today thanks to goals from Harry Kane, Lucas Moura and Lo Celso.

jose mourinho

Despite the Argentine scoring tonight, his manager was not fully impressed with him. He explained how the lockdown had affected his preparation for the season and how that is catching up to him now.

The boss went on to question the player’s current fitness levels as well.

Mourinho told Sky Sports:

“Good with the ball and not very good without the ball. His physical condition is not good. He didn’t have a pre-season. His physical condition is not good. He didn’t have a pre-season.

“During the lockdown during the previous season he had problems – he didn’t train in that period when other guys were training so he has been up and down in his preparation. So he’s been coming now, step by step.”

Despite not having a pre-season to work with, Giovani Lo Celso was one of the best Spurs players in Bulgaria this evening. Playing in the role of the central attacking midfielder, he was crucial in giving his team some control on the pitch, and in setting up the tempo of the game.

The midfielder hasn’t been starting too often in the Premier League and will be hoping that games like this will ultimately change the manager’s mind. He will be eager to show the boss that he is fit enough, and has the quality that it takes to be a first team regular.

It could be that this is just a tactic from the Portuguese, a way to send a motivational message to the Argentine (and other players as well). It tells the roster that there is always room to improve, despite how well they have been playing lately .

Tottenham’s focus will now move to the eague where they will be traveling to West Bromwich Albion on the weekend.

They are in great standing as they currently sit in third place, just two points behind league leaders Liverpool. They will want to go into the international break with another win under their belt, and riding momentum. Sunday would be a good time to do that and we could perhaps see Lo Celso make a contribution in that regard.


  1. Mourinho is well out of order in his critical opinion on Lo Celso.Lo Celso played well,put himself about and made some good tackles.Wheres the problem Mr.God Mourinho.Sometimes this Manager is just a big mouth.He tends to have a go at any player that plays well.Lo Celso is at his first season at the club.He has done well and good enough to show that he is our most gifted player.I am getting a little tired of Mourinho judging his team and making it public.He gives the impression of a washed up ex manager stuggling to cope with the players he has.I am beginning to wish we kept our old manager who was good at strategy and build his players to play out of there skins.Levy never gave him the money and backing he gives Mourinho.I sack Mourinho tomorrow.He big headed egotistical ranting old granny who I would question about his qualification.In his defence he would say I won this,I won that etc.Trouble is that was then this is now.Our last manager would have won the Prem. At least four times if our chairman had backed him.Levy instead kept his tight clenched hands in his deep pockets.

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