Top 10 Football Forwards of All-Time


cristiano ronaldo

I know it might seem biased to say this, but forward is the position that brings us to the fantasy world of football. It is not to say that defenders, midfielders and goalkeepers are not charming by any means, but to be honest, watching forwards tear the opponent’s defensive line apart and send the ball to the back of the net is what we all expected in a king-of-sports’ game. 

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10. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Germany – Side Forward)


– Major Club: Bayern Munich

– World Cup tournaments: 1978, 1982, 1986 (19 Games/9 Goals/1 Assist)

– Professional Score Record:  286 Goals/ 574 Games

– Individual Achievement: 1980 UEFA Euro Best XI, 1980 German Player of The Year, 1981 European Cup Top Scorer, 2 Times Ballon D’or (1980,1981), 1979 Silver Ball, 1982 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball – All-Star Team, 1982 Silver Ball World Soccer Player of The Year

Considered one of the world’s greatest footballers in the late 70s, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was known as a player who can play anywhere in the front line of the team. “King Kalle” is also a fair play player that never dives at any circumstances.

He always faces the defenders with his high pace, brute strength and technique. Rummenigge was also the top scorer in both 1982 FIFA World Cup qualifying round and 1984 UEFA Euro qualifying round.

9. Roberto Baggio (Italy – Central Forward)

– Major Club: Fiorentina, Juventus

– World Cup tournaments: 1990, 1994, 1998 (16 Games/9 Goals/2 Assists)

– Professional Score Record:  292 Goals/ 637 Games

– Individual Achievement: 1990 Bravo Award, 1991 Cup Winners Cup Top Scorer, 1993 European Footballer of The Year, 1994 Silver Ball, 1993 FIFA World Player of The Year, 1994 Bronze Ball, 1993 World Soccer Player of The Year, 1994 Silver Ball, 1994 FIFA World Cup Silver Ball, 2001 Guerin Italian Footballer of The Year

Roberto Baggio is probably the best technical player in Italian football history. He was known for his elegant and creative style of play, a talented dribbler and free-kick expert.

He was still in excellent shape in his late-career with Bologna and Brescia before he retired at the age of 36. He made 26% assists and 36.5% penalty goals at Series A and 46% of his goals are important goals.

8. Giuseppe Meazza (Italy – Forward)


– Major Club: Inter Milan

– World Cup tournaments: 1934, 1938 (9 Games with 3 goals)

– Professional Score Record:  305 Goals/ 477 Games

– Individual Achievement: 3 Italian Series A Top Scorer, 3 Times Mitropa Cup Top Scorer, 1934 FIFA World Cup Best Player, Inter Milan All-Time Top Scorer – Greatest Player Ever, 2008 FIGC Greatest Italian Player of All-Time

He is widely considered the greatest Italian players of all-time and the best player in the world before World War. He started his career as a striker but slowly transformed himself into a prolific forward and played that role for more than half of his career.

He was a fantastic leader with superb shooting and exotic dribbling skills, great vision passing and outstanding heading ability despite his height. He is one of the only 3 Italians that ever won 2 World Cups.

7. Eusebio (Portugal – Forward)


– Major Club: Benfica

– World Cup tournaments: 1966 (6 Games/ 9 Goals)

– Professional Score Record:  511 Goals/ 554 Games

– Individual Achievement: Portuguese Liga All-Time Most Top Scorers; 1965 European Footballer of The Year; 1966 FIFA World Cup Golden Shoe, Best Player; 3 Times European Cup Top Scorer (1965, 1966, 1968); 2 Times European Golden Shoe (1968, 1973); 2 Times World League Top Scorer (1968, 1973); 2 Times Portuguese Athletic of The Year (1970, 1973); Benfica Greatest Player Ever And All-Time Top Scorer; Portuguese League Greatest Player Ever; Portuguese Cup All-Time Top Scorer

The list of his individual titles probably says it all. They called him the greatest Africa Continent-born player ever and the greatest player ever that played for Portugal.

“The Black Tiger of Mozambique” was born and started his career in Mozambique, he later decided to move to Portugal and changed his nationality to Portugal at the age of 19. He was known for his powerful shot and exceptional dribbling, passing skills.

With talent, he helped Portugal to win its only World Cup in history by scoring 9 goals in 6 games.

6. Ferenc Puskas (Hungary – Side/Deep-Lying Forward)

– Major Club: Real Madrid

– World Cup tournaments: 1954 (6 Games/ 4 Goals)

– Professional Score Record:  662 Goals/ 669 Games

– Individual Achievement: 4 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer, 3 Times European Cup Top Scorer, 1953 Central European International Cup Top Scorer, 4 Times Hungarian League Top Scorer, L’Equipe European Footballer of The Century, 1960 European Silver Ball, 1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1999 IFFHS Hungary Player of The Century, Hungarian League Greatest Player Ever, Hungary All-Time Top Scorer

One of the very few players that scored in almost every game he played. Ference Puskas is among the greatest goal scorers of all time. “The Galloping Major” had a perfect striking style and was a lethal goal finisher with his left-foot accuracy.

He was a leading member and captain of the famous Hungarian National Team, regarded as the Mighty Magyars. He is one of the most consistent footballers, one of the greatest players in the world at the age of 33, and remained an efficient scorer until he retired at the age of 39.

5. Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina – Deep-lying Forward)


– Major Club: Real Madrid

– World Cup tournaments: 1962 (Injured – No Game)

– Professional Score Record:  471 Goals/ 639 Games

– Individual Achievement: 5 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer, 2 Times European Cup Top Scorer, 4 Times Spanish Player of The Year, European Footballer of The Year, Real Madrid Greatest Player Ever, European Cup All-Time Top Scorer, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century, 1999 IFFHS Spain Player of The Century

“Blond Arrow” Alfredo Di Stefano is considered by many critics to be the best football player of all time and one of the most complete footballers of all time.

He is undoubtedly the greatest all-rounder of his time, a player who dominated the games from all positions and angles. He was a powerful player with a lot of stamina, technique and vision. He is most closely associated with Real Madrid and played an important part in their dominance of the European Cup in the 1950s.

cristiano ronaldo

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal – Side Forward)

– Major Club: Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus

– World Cup tournaments: 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 (17 Games/ 6 Goals/ 2 Assist)

– Professional Score Record: 748 Goals/226 assists/1026 Games (Nov 2020)

– Individual Achievement:

  • 2004 Bravo Award
  • 10 Times Portuguese Footballer of the Year
  • 4 Times European Golden Shoe
  • 2013 IFFHS International Top Scorer 
  • UEFA Champion League All-Time Top Scorer
  • 2007 Portuguese Footballer of The Year, 3 Times La Liga Top Scorer  
  • 4 Times La Liga Player of The Year  
  • 2013 – 2014 UEFA Best Player
  • 3 Times Ballon D’or
  • UEFA Champion League All-Time Top Scorer
  • European Champion Cup Highest Scorer In A Single Tournament
  • European Championship All-Time Top Scorer
  • 3 Times UEFA Euro Best XI, Portugal All-Time Top Scorer
  • Portugal & Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorer
  • FPF Portuguese Greatest Player Ever

Used to be the most expensive player of all time when transferred to Real Madrid until Neymar broke it in 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best European football star in the long run from the late 2000s to present.

In his prime, he is well-known as a free-player who mainly operated on the left or right-wing and also found his way to positioning in front of the goal and has been a prolific club-level scorer.

Ronaldo is a fantastic dynamic player, very fast and strong, always performs skilful dribble with his individual technique, and he has a special drive-shoot. Ronaldo is also a great free-kick and penalty specialist.

cristiano ronaldo

3. Johan Cruyff (Netherlands – Deep-lying Forward)

– Major Club: Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona

– World Cup tournaments: 1974 (7 Games/ 3 goals/ 3 Assists)

– Professional Score Record: 371 Goals/ 663 Games

– Individual Achievement: 

  • 1974 FIFA World Cup Best Player
  • 1984 Dutch Golden Shoe
  • 1977 Spanish La Liga Player of The Year,
  • European Footballer of The Year
  • 1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
  • 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
  • 1999 IFFHS Netherlands Player of The Century
  • 1999 IFFHS European Player of The Century
  • Ajax Amsterdam Greatest Player Ever
  • Eredivisie Greatest Player Ever
  • UEFA Jubilee Awards (Netherlands)

The inventor of the infamous “Cruyff turn”, the father of Total Football, the greatest European footballer of all-time and one of the most accomplished attacking players in football history.

Johan Cruyff was surely recognized by his technical talent, speed and acceleration, but his greatest quality was a visionary and an orchestrator of The Orange Machine. The whole system seemed to run around him at the time.

He was a top scorer in the 1974 World Cup qualifying in UEFA zone and led the Oranje to the final. He is one of the greatest players that never won a World Cup.


2. Pele (Brazil – Forward)

– Major Club: Santos

– World Cup tournaments: 58,62,66,70(14 games/ 12 goals/ 5 Assists)

– Professional Score Record: 707 Goals/ 763 Games

– Individual Achievement: 

  • 11 Times Brazil State Championship Top Scorer
  • 3 Times Brazil National Championship Top Scorer
  • 1970 FIFA World Cup Best Player
  • FIFA World Cup All-Time Most Assists
  • 1973 South American Footballer of The Year
  • Santos Greatest Player Ever
  • Brazilian National Championship Greatest Player Ever
  • Copa Libertadores Cup Greatest Player Ever
  • Brazil All-Time Top Scorer and Football Museum Hall of Fame
  • 1981 L’ Equipe Athlete of The Century
  • 1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
  • 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
  • 1999 Olympic Committee Athlete of The Century
  • 1999 Reuters Athlete of The Century
  • 1999 UNICEF Footballer Player of The Century
  • 1999 France Football’s Football Player of The Century
  • 1999 South American Player of The Century
  • 1999 IFFHS Brazil Player of The Century
  • 1999 IFFHS World Player of The Century
  • 1999 World Soccer Greatest Player of The Century
  • 2000 FIFA Player of The Century
  • 2005 BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Awards

Pelé’s technique and natural athleticism were widely hailed and during his playing years, he was known for his superb dribbling and shooting, his pace, his strong shot, his outstanding leadership skills, and his prolific goal-scoring.

He began his career in Santos and continued to play there for almost 20 years. He is Brazil’s all-time top scorer and the only footballer to have won 3 World Cup trophies.

Nicknamed “King of Football”, he is widely considered as the greatest footballer in the history of the game.

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina – Forward)

– Major Club: Barcelona

– World Cup tournaments: 2006, 10, 14 (19 Games/ 6 Goals/ 5 Assists)

– Professional Score Record: 711 Goals/ 300 Assists/ 884 Games (Nov 2020)

– Individual Achievement: 

  • 2007 Bravo Awards 
  • 6 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer
  • 11 Times Argentinian Footballer of The Year
  • 6 Times La Liga Player of The Year 
  • 2 Times UEFA Champion League MVP & Best Forward
  • 6 Times UEFA Champion League Top Scorer
  • 2009 and 2019 European Footballer of The Year
  • 3 Times World Soccer Player of The Year
  • 2 Times FIFA World Player of The Year
  • European Golden Shoe All-Time Most Winners
  • 2 Times IFFHS International Top Scorer
  • 2 Times UEFA Best Player In Europe
  • 6 Times FIFA Ballon D’or
  • 2011 Argentine Sportsman of The Year
  • 2011 L’ Equipe World Sportsman of The Year
  • 2012 Best International Athlete ESPY Award
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball
  • 2015 UEFA Champion League Top Assist
  • World All-Time Most Consecutive League Games Scorer
  • World All-Time Highest Goalscorer In A Single Season/Year
  • Spanish La Liga/Barcelona All-Time Top Scorer – Greatest Player Ever
  • Argentina All-Time Top Scorer

I mean, look at the list, look at what he has been doing, there is no denying that “El Pulga” is the best forward of all time. Lionel Messi is not a world-class player, he is a phenomenon-class player.

He holds the record with the most winners in the World Player of the Year awards, he is one of the best club players ever and is one of the most accomplished players of all time. He is famous for its magnificent agility and acceleration, charming dribbling, unbelievable creativity, and is the most prolific scorer in the modern age.

Messi is the most significant figure on the dominant side of Barcelona as the only club to win the two European Triple Champions. In the 2011-2012 season, Messi scored 73 goals in 60 club games, making him the most all-time goal scorer in a single season.

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messi ronaldo

Final words

We know this list would never satisfy everyone and choosing the best 10s out of so many great forwards in history will never be an easy task. Anyway, someone has to do it, right? Feel free to share your thoughts, we would love to see some nominees.

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