Running A Football Club In The Digital Age: An Analysis By Experts


The beautiful game has now gone digital! That is indeed a good thing as it has opened up multiple opportunities across different verticals.

Being increasingly fan-driven, digitization has allowed football teams to engage and interact with their fans beyond the 90 minutes. The websites of football teams and their social media pages have allowed fans to-

  • Follow big and small news that come from football teams
  • Be aware of fixtures, team schedules, and playing XI
  • Buy football team merchandizes, game tickets, and food
  • Have knowledge about all transfer news around the team
  • Engage with rival fans on community forums and chat rooms

As you can see from the points above, digitization has opened up avenues of growth for football teams in almost all aspects.

In this article, we are going to look at some important aspects of running a football team in the digital age. Specifically, we are going to focus on two things- the website and the social media presence of the football team.

The Website of the Football Team: Why is it such a special place?

The website of any football team needs to be the closest physical representation to the same. This is why teams need to invest in a great Web Hosting Provider. The following are some elements that should be a part of a football team’s website-

  1. The website should have a design that mirrors the football team’s colors. For example, it can take inspiration from the team’s logo, or jersey colors. In simple words, it should be a reflection of the team, what it stands for on search engines.
  2. Attention should be paid to ensuring that the website is as safe and secure as possible. This means understanding that in this era, cybersecurity concerns should be of paramount importance. Using SSL, secure hosting, and additional firewalls can help.
  3. The website should have all details and information regarding the team. It should have player biographies, match fixtures, options to buy tickets, merchandizes, and more. It should also carry a section on the latest news and discussions about the team.
  4. The website of any football team needs to be updated every single day. it has to be active and fresh to keep the excitement and engagement levels of the fan very high. This means new pictures, videos, and other articles need to be freshly updated.
  5. The website should also have a section where podcasts, webinars, and streaming are available. This can help fans be associated with the team even when they are not playing and through off-seasons.

Football teams need to pay attention to their websites as the same can help them in valuation. Think of your website as a digital asset that can help in increasing the team’s overall valuation.

Why Social Media is an Important Digital Platform for Football Teams?

If you are thinking about aggressively pursuing social media for your football team, you should start right away. Social media has become one of the most important digital marketing platforms of the era. Football teams that are looking to boost engagement, improve branding, power visibility and grow revenues need to pursue social media seriously.

According to experts, the following best practices on social media work best for football teams-

  1. The digital fan wants as much content from his or her favorite football team as possible. This means that there should be a barrage of daily social media posts on the team’s handles. This should be a mix of images, videos, and press releases.
  2. Football teams need to prioritize live streaming sessions on social media. This helps get the maximum engagement from fans over any other content type. You need to understand that fans expect as much live interaction from the players as possible.
  3. The content on social media on the team’s handles should be interlinked with what players are sharing on their personal social accounts. This would help fans move from one social property to another. This would benefit both the team and players.
  4. Having a sizable presence on social media can help teams attract the right sponsorship deals. In other words, the same can go a long way in addressing a brand’s revenue concerns and problems. Having business models on digital is the way to proceed.
  5. Analyzing the data that is coming from social media can help football teams improve. With data analytics becoming an important aspect of football, the same can prove to be invaluable for teams.

The Bottom Line

The scope for digitization is growing every passing day. Teams have realized that if they are to spread the popularity of the beautiful game, they need to use digital platforms aggressively. If you have any other questions on digital marketing strategies or choosing the best web hosting provider for your team’s website, let us know in the comments below.

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