Zlatan Ibrahimovic Shtick Growing Stale, Best He Leaves MLS


zlatan ibrahimovic

If this is the end for Zlatan Ibrahimovic in American Major League Soccer? Well then happy trails and good riddance. Sure, his egregious egomania is part hamming it up for the cameras, as he’s nowhere near, in real life, the egoist he plays on television in interviews, but he is most certainly a real diva.

Whom are we kidding? He’s more diva than Mariah Carey! In what could be his final game in MLS, he made a crude, vulgar gesture to the crowd, before then slamming the very league that pays him so handsomely. His current contract with L.A. Galaxy expires at the end of the year, and it remains a mystery whether he will return or not.

zlatan ibrahimovic

“I have another two months [on my contract],” Zlatan said. “We’ll see what happens. … [If I stay], then MLS is good, because the whole world will watch it. If I don’t stay, nobody will remember what MLS is.”

In that beyond arrogant harangue he also added that more people are interested in his his future with the league than they are the MLS Cup. And while he may be right on that last point, okay 1.) if this league is such a joke a to you- why are you playing in it, and not something better? and

2.) then give your fat paycheck back to the league then, if it’s going to struggle so much.

It appears that Ibrahimovic is burning his bridges on the way out, a la his former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney. And with another former MUFC teammate, Bastian Schweinsteiger, retiring, MLS will be Red no more and the league certainly faces a star name drain next season. So Ibra does have a point or two on that issue, it’s just that he’s nowhere near as big of a deal as he thinks he is.

According to a video from Sky in this tweet, the arrogant Swede is set for a return to Spain:

In what capacity remains to be seen, but we’re guessing the 38-year-old is striving for one more season in La Liga, where he has one season of playing experience in his career. Of course, Ibrahimovic is being mysterious about this, it’s a bit that is all part of his stand-up comedy act.

When Ibrahimovic came to Bridgeview, Illinois last season, he kept the media waiting for 55 minutes and just talked for just 3. Reporters from Sweden didn’t even get a chance to ask a question. Ibrahimovic made sure to include a “I hear they never sell out here, maybe I should come more often and then they will sell out.”

Although it’s not all his fault, as L.A. Galaxy Media Relations have often pretty awful at their jobs when it comes to providing media access. D.C. United, at least with Wayne Rooney, were equally terrible and pointlessly restrictive.

However, Zlatan hasn’t gotten any push back from the media at all, until finally, this past week. Most of the media won’t bash him, no matter what he says, because he consistently provides colorful copy, when 99% of athletes and coaches do not.

However, this time he went too far. He says he’s bigger than the league as a whole, when he’s literally not even bigger than his club. (They also once had these guys named David Beckham and Steven Gerrard, Ibrahimovic may have heard of ’em).

Watch former Fulham and USMNT star Brian McBride accurately and justifiably take him down in the video below:

This column on NBC Sports Soccer from this past Friday tells it like it is on Zlatan Ibrahimovic too.

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  1. You ‘muricans are more laughable than an 2hour all star stand up comedy show. I don’t know if you even try to be funny or if it’s the fact that you’re plain as* dum* troglodytes! ?
    The fact is that you got so much butthurt because of him leaving. I get it he made you guys famous. Statistically speaking MLS was 65% higher on views from Europe. So yeah he made you famous and you made a lot of money outta him. Just like McGregor did with the UFC. Everybody started watching mma because of him. Just Like Conor, Zlatan is the face of the game either you like it or not.
    As for the claim that he is bigger than the league, yes just sh*t your mouth, you know he is bigger than the league will ever get. Having double(plus European Super Cup League Cups and Europa League Championship). Championship winner, first scorrer and cup holder in 5 different Countries, winner of FIFA PUSCAS award, won UEFA super cup, won the “Best Goal of the competition” of Euro 2004 & 2012. First Scorrer and first assist man with PSG. Holder of the record “Goal on every each of the 90 mins”. Winner of the Golden foot award (Worlds best national player). Also he is Sweden’s firt all time Scorrer with 63 goals. 63 goals with the weak Sweden, other player’s like Raul Henry and the brazilian Ronaldo scored less in way stronger nation teams. With overall 530+ goals and 200+ assists, currently 3rd all time Scorrer in the world behind messi and Ronaldo. Players like Henry and Drogba combined have less goals than Zlatan. A huge figure and pnemomenal athlete who even got his name in the French dictionary. Carrying over 33 titles, with the last being “BEST MLS PLAYER”. But I guess you know better than the Brazilian Ronaldo who said that Zlatan is the best CF he ever saw. You know better than Mourinho who claimed that Ibra is the best in the world. You know better than Di Maria who said that Zlatan is the best in the world alongside Messi and Ronaldo. You know better than Ancelotti, Pele and Maradonna who praise Ibrahimovic. Well sorry to ruin your lucid dream but he is way better than the small MLS and it’s insignificant teams.? This résumé won’t be reached by any mls team in 1 hundred years.
    Now, in the matter of him returning his salary to the mls, it’s too low even for you guys for saying something like that.
    So clowns, either do your homework or just change jobs.
    Simple as that.

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