Zlatan Ibrahimovic Kept the Serious Severity of His Injury Secret



Zlatan Ibrahimovic often loves to talk about just how much larger than life he is. His ego and his public persona are massive, and he loves playing it all up for the cameras and other recording devices. He loves to give off a superhero vibe.

That’s why what he said following his long awaited return to action is so newsworthy. It was a heartfelt and serious moment of humility, a chance to show he’s mortal and human, not a television character, after all. Zlatan admitted that his knee injury, suffered against Anderlecht in the Europa League quarterfinals in April, was a whole lot more serious than he led on.

zlatan ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic only let a select few in on the true seriousness of his situation. Medical professionals, family and friends were the only people privy to this knowledge.

“In my recovery, I have not rushed anything. I have been following protocol and my schedule day by day,” the Swede said after playing the final 13 minutes in United’s 4-1 victory over Newcastle on Saturday.

“The only secret has been working hard. Those close to me know what I have been doing. I was working five, six hours a day. When it happened I said giving up was not an option.”

Not only was Ibrahimovic humble for a change, he also made the narrative about other people, instead of about himself here.

“I am very proud of the moment, and for everyone around me because I wouldn’t have done it alone,” he continued. “This was not one man’s work, it was everyone’s and thanks to them that I am back on the field and can play, because if people knew the real injury they would be in shock that I was even playing.”


United’s leading scorer last season, by a healthy margin, then said his medical issues went beyond just blowing out his knee.

“It was more than the knee, but I will keep it personal; that’s why I choose not to talk of it.”

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