Mason Greenwood is United’s Biggest Offseason Question Mark


(Update: in a semi-related story, the rape case/civil suit against Cristiano Ronaldo has been dismissed)

The nightmarish disaster that was the 2021-22 Manchester United season is now over, so the squad overhaul can now begin. Of all the players that have a questionable future with the club, Mason Greenwood is the most complicated.

You have heard the tapes by now, they are haunting and disturbing to say the least. Just alarming and cringe-worthy. His situation is so much bigger than football, and we just have to let the criminal case run its course.

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“Let’s wait for the judgement, if he’s proven innocent he would definitely get a place in my team,” newly installed manager Erik ten Hag said over the weekend.

“He’s an exceptional talent who can play on the left wing, right wing, centre forward and false nine.”

The 20-year-old Englishman was charged with rape and assault in January, and has since been dropped by his sponsors. Despite not even playing since January, he was United’s third-leading scorer this season.

Greenwood will remain suspended until the legal process runs its course.

And it won’t be until after that that we can really make any kind of prediction about what might happen to him.

He will remain on conditional bail until mid-to-late June, when he has his court date.

Honestly, this young man might have been, could have been and should have been the future of United’s attack, but now it’s quite possible that he may never play for the team again. Mason Greenwood might not even play football anywhere, ever again.

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  1. Uncle Mike says

    If you kill Greenwood’s career, he will not be the only one to suffer it but many dependant relatives. For the sake of these people, please let mercy prevail over justice since death was not recorded but just threat to life.

  2. Infact we need him in pre season as we are waiting runs its course

  3. release him she is just kill her career and destroy his statue

  4. I’ve been a United fan for 40 plus years. Mason Greenwood should never set foot in OT or Carrington again. Whether or not he’s found guilty, the tapes show a man who is morally repugnant and certainly capable of terrible acts. I’m really upset as I thought he could become an all time great at United, but I’d hate to see him play for us ever again

  5. Hlonation! says

    Man united Fan 40 years or 100 years … if he is innocent, he should be back..this is not ur team, go support another team… I just feel sorry for him now and yet he has my full support… not that I condone the behavior but this is part of learning and I hope he has….you could tell he was not around

  6. That Ten Hag quote is fake by the way

  7. Pl’z leave de guy to come in training,but those common things

  8. Someone who said no matter this boy is innocent or not he should not play for Man u again he needs his head to be checked.

  9. I like this guy and i pray to so hard to be set freely and return to football next season.

  10. Mr 40.. Go and talk so foolishly and ignorantly as if you are demanding for medical check up. We are talking of career.

  11. Greenwood is my best play in manchester united that guy didn’t do anything like that just girls did because of they has the right over men in abroad please you people should allow him to come back to training and Greenwood is a super sub

  12. Kevin Chimezie Nani says

    Greenwood is my best player in manchester united that guy didn’t do anything like that just girls did because of they has the right over men in abroad please you people should allow him to come back to training and Greenwood is a super sub

  13. Lord of mercy will help my greenwood that day
    he will be a free guy soon

  14. And to mr 40
    thing’s like this
    if you experience it you will no is career killing
    greenwood is a human being and has blood run’s in his vein like you mr 40

  15. I wish to see him play football sooner than later
    god will help you greenwood
    and to anybody in support of killing your career god will end them career also

  16. isabirye waibi stephen says

    Green wood pliz if they don’t need u , come to the bridge, chelsea needs much more than man united,just prayers that justice prevail over evil

  17. The authority handling Mason’s case should please hand it with care because some of these ladies are out there just to destroy people future. Because he is a star boy. Very popular and a Man United player. I wish him all the best and a quick return to football.

  18. Sena Forley says

    How this young talent’s case is being handled is very unprofessional and unpleasant.. Manchester United would be such an ungrateful club if mason is never given any space in the team again. I believe this is the moment that the young boy is given support but not condemnation from his fellow colleagues

  19. Mohammed Koroma Dumbuya says

    Sincerely speaking, Greenwood is a fantastic player.
    Let hope and pray that he is innocent of the alleged rape so that we can see him play football again.
    Man United should have play champion league in the help of Ronaldo and Greenwood.

  20. Pst. Festus Atakerhi says

    Am a fan of Manchester United for the past 25years, and am of the opinion that Mason Greenwood should be defended by his club, he is a promising player and he is at the pick of his greatness as a footballer please let the Judges temper justice with mercy and give him a second chance to amend his life style if at all he is really guilty of the allegationsns layed against him.

  21. Glazersout says

    Seems like fans from African nations think rape is normal.
    It’s not how things work in UK
    What he has done from the clear evidence is unforgivable

  22. Ugandan wilson says

    Lord hav mercy on him,pliz..i lov mason

  23. Phliddy Amin says

    Evybody knows manchester woman r biggest slags and mason didnt even do nuthin wrong. If u want player treatin woman wit respect and not do the “rape” go support pusy club like liVARpool or city

  24. spirit of sancho says

    Mason Greenwood should get a knighthood for what he’s been thru

    Everyone goes on about Marcus rashford for what he did for kids school meals but he never had to put up with everyone listening to recordings of him trying to rape his girl friend

  25. Glazersout says

    No wonder the world is becoming such a bad place if most of these comments are a reflection on society.
    Would they say the same if the poor girl was their sister or daughter?
    They probably would

  26. Hippo Kris says


    More bad reflection on socety that mason Greenwood is treated this way. If he was you’re sister or daughter you would defend him like true fans do

  27. Anonymous says

    Has there ever been a bigger collection of illiterate fuck wits all posting in the same place at once? :) My god did none of you learn how to write a coherent sentence at school?

  28. TRUE_FAN says

    I don’t believe some of these comments defending this idiot! He should never play for ANY team! no one deserves to play when they have done that to the poor girl! The guy loves himself a little too much and thinks all women should be at his beckon and call! Needs to grow up and spend some in prison!

  29. Fuck! Why are some humans as damn wicked, why can’t u fuckers just love that guy and show him some pitty, fine the shit he did was or is fucking bad. But come to think of it, what if it isn’t true, what if she did all that just to destroy his future men, common-on bitches i just don’t get it. Just put ur self in his shoes haven’t u unsupporters done something that kind of turned some people against u probably among ur family. Ok fine forget the fact that he is a footballer even if he is a normal civilian and he did something like that, he deserves to be punished oh,yes he does. but what the fuck, at least he needs to be forgiven he is a human now a human like all u fuckers(unsupporters). Mason Greenwood is my no.1 football player and he doesn’t deserves all there shits. If u assholes listened to the shit story well you’ll find out that he actually was drunk, so if u losers won’t support him just shut the fuck up and hide ur damn heads this stuff is all getting me out of my head and angry fuck u all

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