Jose Mourinho Hopes Arsene Wenger Will Stay at Arsenal Beyond this Year



Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has yet to register a victory in 14 matches against Jose Mourinho, across all competitions. In the 14 times that the two have clashed (in Premier League and EFL Cup), Mourinho has won seven times and there have been seven draws.  

The next chapter in their rivalry commences in hours, and it’s the second edition involving Manchester United (the first took part in late November).

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The acrimony between the two gentlemen is well documented. Mourinho consistently throws shade at Wenger in his media interviews. He’ll do it passive-aggressively, aggressive-aggressively and with just pure aggression. They even got into a physical altercation once at Stamford Bridge.

Heading into this clash, Wenger said at his weekly press conference that he is open to making peace with Mourinho. When word of this got back to Mourinho and he was pressed on it, The Special One responded by saying that there is no reason to worry about peace, as Mourinho claims he has no problem with Wenger

We’re not sure we actually believe that. With Wenger’s seat scorching hot, and the Frenchman out of contract at the end of the season, his future with the Gunners remains uncertain.


Mourinho said he would like Wenger to stay on at The Emirates.

“I feel sympathy for all the other managers because we live through the same pain. Everyone,” Mourinho told the media.

“Football has changed. Now it is a game that makes it impossible for managers to stay in their position for a long time.

“Football now means if you don’t get success then you are gone — so yes, I feel bad for other managers. When you are at one club for 20 years it is impossible to have success every single year. Even Sir Alex will tell you that.

“The truth is that I hope Wenger keeps his job at Arsenal. I really do. I hope that the club trusts him to make things better. I think that Arsene is probably the last example of a manager who brings stability to a club over such a long time.

“Sir Alex was the same at United and he was able to leave when he knew it was time to leave. I hope that it is the same with Wenger. Why not?”

jose mourinho

Both Mourinho and Wenger have won three league titles each, but the Portugese wondered in November why he’s doesn’t get as much respect as the Arsenal boss.

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  1. Delford Magaya says:

    Wenger does not change his style of play, even if he is playing Man United, he will continue to play attractive football, because football is about entertaining the funds, it is not about winning only, we know very well that, Man United will do their best to win this game at home, but Arsenal is ready for the game and will not even afraid of Man United, as some people might think, Arsenal want to win the game, and they are going there expecting 3 points to add the log. there are some few hours left before we can stop predicting of the outcome. My wish is for my team Arsenal to win the game with a big margin, to make sure they will not talk much about it again.

  2. Of course he wants him to stay.
    Guaranteed to get a result against a team who play the same tactics year after year.
    The difference between Fergie and Wenger is that Fergie delivered practically every season. Wenger has delivered nothing for years.
    I hope to goodness that the club see this and move on otherwise Arsenal will fall further and further behind…
    I have nothing against him, I just want what is needed – what all Arsenal fans want. Change.

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