Liverpool FC Summer Transfer Window Grade: B-



No matter what you think of the Liverpool FC 2017 summer transfer window, we can all agree that no club’s business was talked about more. In the words of Spandau Ballet, “I know this much is true.” LFC had not one, but two elongated sagas that received an excessive amount of over-coverage. Also, perhaps no manager gave more quotable commentary and print-worthy insight on his club’s transfer business than Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

He was persistently asked about deals and non-deals all summer long by the media, and his explanation about what was happening and not happening kept evolving.

Credit Klopp for providing interesting responses while also not tipping his hand. Chelsea had the most entertaining transfer window due to all its odd twists and turns. Arsenal had the worst, on all levels. Liverpool had the most dramatic and compelling.


Liverpool FC Summer Transfer Window Major Additions: Winger Mohamed Salah, Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Central midfielder Naby Keita, for next summer.

Even though Keita does not come over until next summer, we included him in this window analysis, because hey, why not?! Lost in all the Virgil Van Dijk and Philippe Coutinho soap operas is the fact that Liverpool broke the club transfer fee record in June and then bought two more players that who would have also shattered the club record. Yes, this market is beyond insane, but that’s still a fact and it flies under the radar. They splashed the cash, and showed a commitment that perhaps the Liverpool transfer window critics aren’t giving them proper credit for.

philippe coutinho

Liverpool FC Summer Transfer Window Major Subtractions: None, really, when you think about it

The Van Dijk pursuit was maybe doomed from the start, and the Coutinho situation was a tough one to deal with. Still you have to think that both could have been handled at least a little bit better than they were. They didn’t lose a lot, but there’s still a reasonable let down in the fact that Anfield did not shore up their positions of need enough. There is still an issue with the goalkeeping department, and the leaky defense is in need of a substantial upgrade at center back.

Liverpool Summer Transfer Window Grade: B-

The Reds transfer window grade is submitted late because of the Spanish transfer window closing a day later than its British counterpart. We’re not 99.999% certain Coutinho is staying and that’s an own goal. Now the major issue will be re-integrating him, and getting his read right, a la Manchester United with David de Gea in 2015, after his 11th hour to Real Madrid collapsed.


Last summer, we underrated Liverpool FC in our transfer grade. We were harsh on them, and Klopp proved us wrong. Maybe that happens again.

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