Liverpool Want Christian Pulisic as Potential Sadio Mane Replacement


One of the best things about the summer transfer window is the domino theory. One player move leads to his now former club finding a replacement, and then that replacement player needing to be replaced, and so on and so on.

Which leads us to today’s hot transfer rumor- Chelsea man Christian Pulisic is wanted by Liverpool, as a potential replacement for Sadio Mane. Bayern Munich is the front-runner destination for Mane, who is expected to replace the goals that will be missing now that Robert Lewandowski is shipping out.

This is according to Christian Falk of BILD. Reds boss Jurgen Klopp is said to be an admirer of Captain America, going back to their days together at Borussia Dortmund.

It was Klopp in fact who gave Pulisic his first ever senior team appearance in world football, and the American has expressed his eternal state of gratitude towards the German gaffer for that.

However, it is an extreme longshot that this deal actually gets done due to:

a.) Chelsea are said to value the attacking midfielder, acquired as a replacement for Eden Hazard, at a price above what the Merseyside club wants to pay for him and

b.) Stamford Bridge won’t really want to sell to a rival big six club.

It is thought by many that Christian Pulisic had a down year, but did he really?

Look at the stats above, as you can see, he was actually Chelsea’s most clinical player in the entire attack this past season. Not one of the most efficient, but the overall best in finishing with efficiency. But of course, like the tweet above says, it doesn’t fit the narrative surrounding the American.

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