Chelsea FC Fan Emily Rogawski Updates Coat a Year After Becoming Famous


It’s been exactly one year now since Emily Rogawski, an individual that Google still insists on auto-correcting to famous actress/model Emily Ratajkowski, became internet famous for the coat she wore to a football match. Rogawski, an American from New York City living and studying abroad in England, caught the attention of the television cameras while wearing her Chelsea FC coat to a Manchester United-Everton match.

From there she took off and became an overnight internet sensation.


Emily Rogawski was everywhere on the worldwide web and before you knew it she was, like every single one of us who receives any attention at all on the world wide web, getting trolled extremely hard.

Then she showed up at Liverpool-Everton.

Then we haven’t really heard anything much at all about her in the headlines.


However, on the one year anniversary of her popping up and making the internet rounds, she did remind us of how she was first “discovered” on social media, while at the same time providing us all an update on her wardrobe.

She has a new all pink coat.

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