Basic Facts and Historical Information Regarding AC Milan Football Club


AC Milan is a team that has a long standing in the history of Italian football. However, before they became the great team that they are today, they had to through some trying times. That is why today, we want to take a few minutes to walk back in time and look at the history of AC Milan. 


Despite the fact that AC Milan is a team in Italy, it is rather ironic that it was founded by two Englishmen whose names where Herbet Kilpin and Alfred Edwards. The team was founded after the pair had a very heavy drinking session in the Fiaschettia Toscan tavern that was located in Milan.

Consequently, Mr Kilpin became the first team coach, while Edwards became the first club president.

Naming History

Before they settled for the name AC Milan, the team was called Milan Cricket and Football Club. This was from 1899 to 1919. It was then changed to Milan Football Club from 1919 to 1938.  From the period of 1938 to 1945 the name changed once more to Associazione Calcio Milano. The name that we use today, AC Milan came about in 1945, and it stands for Associuzione Calcio Milan. 

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Presidential History

From the time that the team was founded in 1899, it has so far had 25 presidents. The most successful manager of the team was Nereo Rocco who won a whopping 10 trophies. As for the coaches, the team has had over 70 different coaches from its founding till to date. 

Kit Manufacturers and Sponsors

All teams need to have kit, as it is a form of identity, in the same way that all online casino games st sites like have a brand name behind them. And as for AC Milan, they have several kit manufactures as well as shirt sponsors along the way. From the time that the team was formed, they have had 9 kit manufacturers, 10 shirt sponsors and 10 companies sponsoring them as well. 


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