3 Awesome Super Drinks That Will Help Your Body Recover After Gym


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Those who work out regularly usually give enough importance to proper nutrition and that, of course, is great. However, what many people forget is that when you spend hours in the gym your muscles experience a lot of wear and tear and it is very important to fuel them with something healthy so as to enjoy a quick recovery. Yes, chicken and brown rice can prove to be helpful but you cannot always carry them with you. You anyway need not bring them along as not only food there are also some drinks that can help your body recover after exercising, and we shall learn about 3 such awesome drinks right away.   

1.Chocolate Milk   

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If you are a chocolate fan you certainly will love this idea. Chocolate milk offers you double the carbs that plain milk can, making it a fantastic post-workout recovery drink. If you consume carbs after working out it will replenish your muscles by providing it with the glycogen that it lost when you were exercising.   As you sweat while working out and lose too many electrolytes, you can experience symptoms like muscle cramps, fatigue, and also mental confusion. Chocolate milk can help you with this too. It has high water content and that can replenish the lost electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Chocolate milk can prove to be effective for all those who work out but is particularly helpful for runners, endurance athletes, and cyclists.



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Water is extremely important for one and all, and you must have been told that you need to carry at least half a liter bottle with you when you workout. You must keep sipping on it regularly while exercising. But do you know water can also prove to be greatly beneficial for post-workout recovery? Those who sweat too much perhaps already know that the fluids they lose while perspiring must be replenished by drinking water.   So, you too have to make it a point to drink enough water while working out. But if you find drinking too much plain water difficult then birch water can prove to be a good alternative. Found in birch tree, this birch sap is a great source of magnesium, is rich in electrolytes, has anti-inflammatory properties, and may also help get rid of cellulite. So, it can prove to be a great post-workout recovery drink, but do not completely forget plain water as it has its own share of benefits that cannot be neglected.  

3.Coconut Water   

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All of us are aware of the advantages of coconut water, including it being rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It’s great for your skin, great for your health, and a great post-workout drink as well. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes like magnesium and potassium.   According to a study, coconut water proved to be as beneficial as any sports drink for post-workout recovery. It is a great option for you if you are going for lighter workouts.  

Never neglect the importance of post-workout recovery. The more intense your workout, the more tired you will feel. Your body certainly will recover by the next day but in this fast-paced world waiting for that long is not possible. So consume these post-workout recovery drinks and see your energy levels getting back to normal in almost no time at all.

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