Key tips to survive and avoid Gulag in COD Warzone!


Call of Duty Warzone has already been a big hit among gamers worldwide. So, if you want to stay afloat in the face of ever-evolving global rivalry, you’ll need some intelligence before placing your boots on the ground. Having said that, we here bring some simple guidelines to keep you out of the Gulag and make you closer to victory. 

Cut your parachute as you land 

The biggest peculiarity in a game based on reality (for the most part) is a parachute that you may redeploy an infinite number of times as you plummet to the ground. You may utilise this to your advantage to reach places that are further out from the plane’s drop path, as well as to get to the destination quickly.

Allow yourself to fall until the very last second if you’re falling straight down. However, if you’re aiming to get somewhere in the distance, it appears that orienting oneself directly toward your landing zone is the ideal choice. Pull your chute and push ahead with your controls until you no longer appear to be moving forward.

Besides, cut your ‘chute while holding the controls to travel forward once you start moving forward again. You should feel a slingshot effect and see your hands out in front of you; when they return to your sides, reposition the chute. Repeat until you reach your target landing zone, but keep an eye on the altimeter to ensure you don’t miss it.

Bring Armor plates into play 

Armor is an important part of surviving a firefight. You enter with two plates in your hands. As quickly as you can, locate and add a third. It might be crucial in the early stages of a combat, especially if it’s only a pistol duel.

Once you’re sure you’re secure from other teams, grab as many plates as you can (you can carry five plates in addition to the three you can wear) and share with your friends. If everyone has maximal armour, you’re significantly more likely to survive a combat than if you’re hoarding it all while your colleagues are without any armor plates.

Change up your weaponry.

Players can carry two weapons at a time. That said, you can carry two weapons of the same type to avoid being redundant. This is beneficial in two ways:

If you can mix a long-range weapon (such a sniper or marksman rifle) with a close-range weapon, you’ll be able to battle in multiple ways (think submachine gun or midrange AR).

This can also apply to your team. Sniper rifles aren’t required for everyone. Allow one player to put down long-range shots as the others press forward with ARs/SMGs. Again, this will allow you to make the most of your ammunition pool as a group.

Remove the standard LMG.

Those who are new to this game must know that this gun is clumsy, inaccurate (with terrible iron sights), has a small magazine (by LMG standards), takes an eternity to reload, and takes an equivalent amount of time to transition to or away from it. Only use it if you’re thrown into a gunfight and need something with range.

Ideally, your initial looting will yield a blue (Rare) or better rifle with some attachments. If not, the initial drop’s order of popular weapons will be something like SCAR, MP7, M13, pistol, shotgun, launcher, ham sandwich, and MG34.

Use your cash cleverly 

When looting, cash may appear to be an afterthought, yet it is critical for various reasons. Equipment and kill streaks picked up at buy stations may turn the tide of a battle, especially as the map shrinks in the final circle. Second, if your teammates lose their match in the Gulag, or if it’s late in the round and the Gulag are closed, you can use money to bring them back. Even if they’re just dropping in late with a pistol and a prayer, a buddy is (generally) the best asset you can get.

However, not every possible buy is equally useful, so make the most of your purchases. A gas mask is a luxury item that only gives you a few seconds of extra time in a storm. For the same $3,000, you can preferably have the cluster strike. 

Early in the game, armour is typically easy to come by, so don’t waste $1,500 on a bundle. Similarly, don’t put your faith on self-resurrection as the key to eternal life. If you’re knocked out in the open, chances are some hungry adversary will kill you off, making that $4,500 a complete waste. In terms of utility, 


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