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By Osama Khan

The Australia Grand Prix F1 race is just around the corner. Slated to take place on March 22-25 in Melbourne, Australia, which is also referred to as Australia’s sporting capital. There are mixed sentiments from fans about what they expect and anticipate from this F1 race. Some people say it is worth looking forward to, while others believe that it’s better to manage expectations intelligently.

Fans of the famous racer, Daniel Ricciardo, are way too excited, as he would be performing at his home grand prix. On the other hand, Max Verstappen, the Belgian-Dutch racing driver, believes that fans should not expect too much from the upcoming F1, as it is a very difficult track.

According to him, the track has a lot of sharp turns, and very few and short straights to speed up and overtake opponents. When asked about his hopes, he said, “Turns 11 and 12 are the fastest corners and are really cool to drive, especially in qualifying with low fuel in sixth or seventh gear. I think it is about 270 kilometers per hour. The trees around the circuit sometimes make your braking markers hard to spot with shadows, it’s quite normal on a street circuit but makes it more challenging for us to get it right.”


In 1996, Melbourne hosted the Grand Prix for the first time, and since then, it has been one of the most favorite race tracks, but not for all the racers. Albert Park, the venue for Melbourne Grand Prix is an interesting place. Before 1996, the track existed, but was never used to events as huge as the Grand Prix.

Even today, the Grand Prix is an event that keeps the venue for around a month or two, which includes time for preparation and the actual races. However, the remaining time of the year is used by many local drivers with registered sports vehicles, for practice and fun.

Each year, thousands of spectators gather around the Albert Park to watch fine racers and drivers from around the world sprinting against each other. Last year, there were more than 300,000 spectators on weekdays with an additional 100,000 spectators on weekends.

Melbourne Australia will continue to host the F1 every year, at least until 2023, in accordance with a contract that was signed in 2015.

Facts about the Australian Grand Prix 2018

The Australian Grand Prix has been a reputed race event to look forward to since 1985. Races were initially held in Adelaide, after which the event was moved in 1996 to Melbourne’s Albert Park. This year’s event at Albert Park will be the 20th at this venue.

Since the year 2000, Jenson Button has not missed a single race that has taken place in Melbourne. This year would be his 16th race at the venue.

Alonso’s recent unavailability for the races halted his growing record. He has made 219 successive entries, the longest any driver has had on the grid.

At a young age of just 17 and a half, Toro Rosso rookie Max Verstappen is all set to break a few records at this year’s Australia Grand Prix, namely the youngest driver to participate in an international championship.

If Toro Rosso rookie Max Verstappen manages to secure a victory, that will be his second record in a row, this time for the youngest winner.

How to Watch Australian Grand Prix Live Online

Unfortunately, Australia Grand Prix may not be available everywhere to live stream. Users from certain regions may be unable to access any live stream at all, and might even miss the entire event. But there is a way around it. You can watch the grand F1 event right from your couch, even if it is not available in your region.

The answer is a VPN service. With this you get to hit the fast track and stream Australian Grand Prix live online without any speed bumps or sharp turns!

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