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camp randall spring game

A new era begins in Madison when the Wisconsin Badgers host their annual spring game on April 20th. Head Coach Gary Andersen takes over the only team in the nation to win it’s conference each of the past three seasons.

Andersen headlines a staff full of new faces challenged with inputting a new system with an intent to sustain the rich success the Wisconsin Badgers have enjoyed over the past decade.

Your first chance to catch them live at Camp Randall will be next Saturday when the Big Ten Network broadcasts the game at 4:00 PM CT.Wisconsin Coach Football

The masses are far from Wisconsin Badgers football mode in the middle of April, especially with the state’s beloved Milwaukee Brewers starting their 2013 campaign. Still, the state is a football-first place and one of the biggest barriers to enjoying the Wisconsin Badgers spring game is understanding the complex scoring scheme. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:


Touchdown = 6 pts.

Conversion = 1 or 2 pts. (ALL LIVE)

Field goal = 3 pts.

Run of 15+ yards = 2 pts.

Pass of 20+ yards = 2 pts.

First Down = 1 pt.


Touchdown = 6 pts.

Safety = 2 pts.

Conversion = 1 or 2 pts. (ALL LIVE)

Turnover = 5 pts.

3-and-out = 3 pts.

Blocked FG = 3 pts.

Stopped drive, Sack, TFL = 2 pts.

The game itself will pit the offense (White) vs. the defense (Cardinal). The first half will consist of two 15-minute quarters played with normal clock rules. Following a five-minute halftime, the second half will consist of two 10-minute running time quarters (except for the final two-minutes of the fourth quarter). Both teams will have opportunities to score.

The Sports Bank will be there to give you the latest on position battles and anything news-worthy during the Wisconsin Badgers spring game.

Will you pay attention to the spring game or is it far to early to worry about football? Let me know by commenting below.

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