Urban Meyer answering for his players crimes



Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer had time for 14 questions from the media a week ago. Twelve of them pertained to sanctions, legal issues, off-the-field trouble etc. If that seems excessive, read this list. After seeing it, you may wonder what was wrong with those other two reporters who asked about football.

I cribbed the best Q&A of those 12 here.

Q. you’re not the only coach dealing with players who get in trouble. You seem to take by far the most criticism of any coach in the country involving disciplinary issues. Do you have any ideas as to why that is?

Urban Meyer: “I’m a human so it does. I don’t read. I don’t really get involved with following stuff, because I think people need to get facts before they start just making accusations and those type of things. I’m human and I think that is something that I’m constantly evaluating and making sure we are doing the right thing. Now, sometimes I sit back and evaluate that we give too many second chances. That seems to be a big key, and that’s something I’m going to continue to evaluate. I treat those players like they’re my own children. We have high expectations for them.”

Wait, what he said “I don’t read.” and he doesn’t follow stuff? Uhm, but what about that PSA Urban Meyer did to encourage READING when coach of the Gators? (Pictured above)


Q. It was reported that you sent a text message saying the criticism of you or your assistant coaches at Florida regarding Aaron Hernandez was wrong and irresponsible. If you could, for that particular situation regarding Hernandez, why do you think that criticism is wrong and irresponsible?

Urban Meyer: I’m going to let you guys figure out if it’s wrong or right. I can’t put what’s in your heart or in your mind. The only reason I sent that text, I was getting ready to leave for vacation.

There was inaccurate information being sent out throughout the — some people sent me text messages about just inaccurate information. So that’s the only reason I sent that out, and I sent it to a couple of people I know and said this is — and I’m not sure I’m allowed to say what the actual truth was because there’s investigations going on.


Q. When it comes to off-the-field issues and player discipline, how do you view your own reputation?

Urban Meyer: How do I view my own reputation? I don’t view my own reputation. I guess a reputation is what others think of you. I worry more about our team, about our players. I’m 49 years old. I’ve been doing this for a long time. So I’m really good — it doesn’t mean — I ask our players to self-evaluate.

Q. Prior to being hired at Ohio State, did they discuss with you the off-the-field issues from your players in Florida?

Urban Meyer: We did. We discussed them and what was our plan, what’s our style of discipline, what are we trying to get done, and had good conversation about it.


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