Ohio Punter Tweets Profane Disgust for Idaho Bowl Placement



As we learned last winter with Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (who voiced his concern over the Bears-Vikes game being played on the rock hard playing surface at the Minnesota Golden Gophers stadium) most people don’t value the opinions of specialists in the football world.

Even if the “World of Warcraft” fanatic thought TCF Bank Stadium playing surface would be a “concrete train wreck

Ohio University punter Paul Hershey did some squawking through social media anyway.

Let’s say he wasn’t happy that his Bobcats are going to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho, Hershey tweeted:

“Idaho?? Who the (bleep) wants to play there in December??”

I’d link it, but his account is now gone.

Don’t you people realize that once you tweet something- deleting it/your account, doesn’t undo it what’s already been said? You can’t un-ring that bell.

“As the punter, obviously I don’t want to play in the cold,” Hershey later tweeted to Toledo Blade Ohio Bobcats beat writer Zach Silka. (Good to see a Toledo Blade beat writer covering a MAC team get some national pub)


Like it’s all that much warmer in Athens, Ohio this time of year. Hershey is an all conference punter, but maybe he’s been infected by the same bug that bit the Bobcats mascot last year. Remember when he attacked Brutus the Buckeye last fall? Fun times in this program. (watch video here)

I’m sure Hershey will be very warmly received in Idaho. Would be cool if Ohio U. could schedule Boise State.

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  1. Hans Raidel says

    I think it is pretty funny. Could be worse, could be Kansas.

  2. I couldn’t agree with him more. He’s just taking heat for saying the same thing everyone has been thinking. Seriously, can we please get rid of 75% of all bowl games? We can start with the Humanitarian/Potato Bowl, followed by the Military, Pinstripe, Motor City, Sun, Gator, Music City, New Orleans, Holiday, Poinsettia and BcS Championship Bowls.

  3. rgdrafting says

    So, he’s pissing & moaning about it being cold?? Guess as the punter in Ohio you aren’t required to take any geography classes or anything. I know that it’s assumed that Idaho is some kind of desolate, mountain wasteland…but the southern third of Idaho (and especially the Boise area) can be very mild in the winter. It’s definitely not like it is in the upper mid-west…although, now I hope the weather is unseasonable cold in Boise for this little sissy to punt in!

  4. paulmbanks says

    i don’t think anyone from a MAC team should really talk trash about what bowl they get, but I do agree with BuckI97 that we really need to contract the bowls.

    do we really any bowl who’s name is just corporate? Or places for 6-6 teams? and cities that have 3 bowls in them each yr?

  5. SirCharles111 says

    I suppose I would be worried about the weather as well. He might get cold while riding the pine.

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