Notre Dame Upsets #14 Utah, But Don’t Get Too Carried Away



The Irish got exactly what they needed on a rainy Saturday afternoon in South Bend.

Facing a Utah team hoping to prove last week was the exception, not the rule, Notre Dame made a loud statement.  Freshman QB Tommy Rees executed Brian Kelly’s spread effectively, and the defense only allowed three points.
Coming off of two bad losses, including last week’s questionable coaching decision in the final minute, Notre Dame had a lot to prove.

By Brian McCabe

To see a Notre Dame team show up and play with passion, heart and determination was refreshing for Irish fans.  In seasons past, this team has fallen apart down the stretch.  Today’s win means Notre Dame only has to win one of its final two games to become bowl eligible.  Bowl games allow for an extra month of practice, which would be very beneficial for any team, especially the Irish.

Fans always rush to judgement, and Irish fans throughout the world are stoked tonight.  It is important to remember that this is one game.  There are a lot of things to build on, including emerging defensive stars Manti Te’o and Prince Shembo, but next week is a new game.  The college football world resets.

Consistency has been a hard thing to find for many Irish teams of the past decade.  One game does not a season make.  Fans can be happy with the fantastic performance today, but the focus now shifts to Army at Yankee Stadium next Saturday.  With the game being played at the “House that Jeter built” there will be a lot of distractions.  Consistency is found through discipline and focus.  This will never be truer than next week.

The Irish displayed these great qualities Saturday in South Bend, but they must repeat this performance again.  The team and its fans cannot get too high on this victory.

If Notre Dame has taught people anything, it is not to trust them.  After the decimation against Navy, today is still hard to comprehend, but the facts are the facts.

Notre Dame beat the 14th-ranked Utah Utes 28-3 in utterly lopsided victory today.  Irish fans can rejoice tonight, but Army looms large in seven days.

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  1. Great game by ND, but for Utah, you’re BCS bowl game hopes and top 20 ranking is now GONE.

  2. *your, not you’re.

  3. Typically negative article from another ND hater.

  4. @Tim actually you couldn’t be more wrong, on all counts, in that sentence.

    @brian.. uhm yeah.

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