Notre Dame Gives Brian Kelly Vote of Confidence



The tragic accidental death of Long Grove, Illinois’ Declan Sullivan, a Notre Dame student videographer, brought a firestorm of publicity to the University. Amidst all the negative attention has been a call for Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly, and/or Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick to resign.

However, ND leadership publicly stated today that Kelly will not be let go any time soon.

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University stated this in an open letter to the ND community:

Finally, in light of what I believe to be unfounded and unfair commentary and speculation, I want to say something about Coach Brian Kelly. Coach Kelly was hired not only because of his football expertise, but because we believed his character and values accord with the highest standards of Notre Dame. All we have seen since he came to Notre Dame, and everything we have learned in our investigation to date, have confirmed that belief. For those reasons I am confident that Coach Kelly has a bright future leading our football program.

Go here to read the entire letter.

Today also marked the announcement of Peter Likins to provide an outside independent review into the ND’s internal investigation into the accidental death of Declan Sullivan.

Likins served as the 18th president of the University of Arizona from 1997 to 2006. He previously was president of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., for 15 years and, before that, provost at Columbia University, where he also was a professor and dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. He also taught and conducted research for 12 years at the University of California, Los Angeles.

For more about the review process and Likins background go here

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  1. jmccormick says:

    What a crock of shit. Brian Kelly should be fired, especially considering Rich Rodriguez, Jim Tressel, and most other coaches said no way to using those lifts or even putting their teams through that dangerous weather. If I’m this kid’s family, I sue the living crap out of Notre Dame. In the real world, if a supervisor costs his company $3.8 million in an accidental death, he is fired.

  2. paulmbanks says:

    I agree. I trust you been listening to B and B this week. theyve been talking about this a lot, and see things the way you and I do.

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