Northwestern UPSETS #6 Purdue! Yes and it Counts


By Paul M. Banks

This is what you call a “statement game” or “resume builder” for Northwestern. #6 Purdue is right there for the taking…maybe

Hard to figure out who needs a win more here. Northwestern was ranked, but then went 2-3 in their last 5. Purdue started off 2-0 in big ten play, but dropped their last two, including one at home. Their #6 ranking will no doubt fall this week. Regardless of what happens here.

NU up 16-14 6:54 left 1st half. This is (yet another ugly, gritty game)

Your choice, and remember neither is not an option: Todd Lickliter’s kid or Kyle Rowley as one of your starting five? I spoke too soon, Rowley is 4-4 FT today. 4 pts must be close to his career high. very close.

NU up 22-14 5 min in half

Impressive D for the Cats so far.

By the way, happy 3rd birthday to the sports bank today. There will be a post on it tomorrow, I promise!

Cats up 3 now. 3:47 left.

There are 3 guys on Purdue who are “league”: the three juniors who start for them. The seniors not so much. But they are no slouches in their own right. I HATE the black number on black jersey look. PUR needs to retire that. It looks terrible and you have no clue who in reading it.

I think I’m developing a man-crush on Talor Battle, PSU PG. Like I had on MN WR Eric Decker. A star player on a team that I despise. He had 31 today, literally more than half his team’s points. Damn he’s good. I know he has nothing to do with this game, I just wanted to share that.

2:14 left Cats up 24-21, this is an ugly game, but the Arena is rocking. Pur certainly has their own contingent here…like half/more than half the gym.

What was Alex Marcotullio doing there on the 2nd last to possession? He let his pocket get picked bad! And has he finally hit a shot to break that drought yet? Was his last 3pt fg in 2009? literally

Cats up 26-25 at half, so all in all can’t complain too much. Northwestern didn’t have their best half, but they’re still winning. This was a PHENOMENAL game last year. Very exciting. Maybe it will be again this year.

Just found out my membership status for the USBWA U.S. Basketball Writers Association was approved! ballin!

Another guy who’s ballin Luka Mirkovic! He’s having himslef quite a game so far, and NOT showboating this time.

46 all 9 min left.

NU led for the entire game pretty much, to fall behind by two. Shurna answers with a turnaround jumper to tie it.

53-52 Northwestern now. 5:47 left in game.

Juice Thompson has 20 to lead NU, E’Twaun Moore has 20 to lead Purdue. This is a guard dominated game! Just like it’s a guard dominated league. for schizzle

First team to 64 wins today. Cats lead Boilers 56-55 with 3:49 to play.

Drew Crawford with a HUGE 3…and then an AND 1. taking it strong to the whole!!! That may do it. This may happen for Northwestern here! Cats up 63-57 with 1:32 left

64-57, 1:14 left…IT’S GONNA HAPPEN! Do NU fans storm the court?? They beat MSU last year when they were ranked in the top 10.

Be back later with more post game hoopla


  1. Last time Northwestern beat a team ranked this high was #4 Michigan St. in the ’79 title season. so pretty much as long as I’ve been alive. This was a win over the highest ranked team for the Cats of my LIFETIME

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