Buffalo Wild Wings OVERDOES self-promotion at Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl BUFFALO WILD WINGS!



One thing I can’t stand about college football are bowl games that have just the corporate shill as their name. There’s no other name for the bowl except the shamelessly self-promoting corporate sponsor. Because you can’t refer to the game as anything else but the brand. Now Buffalo Wild Wings took this corporatization of the game a step further than all the others.

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B Dubs promoted their product with all the subtlety of a flying mallet. If they could put a BW3 logo in the players’ eye black I’m sure they would, cuz they COVERED the field and the stadium every which way. You almost forgot you were watching the 7-5 TCU Horned Frogs take on the 6-6 Michigan State Spartans, and instead staring at a fried foods restaurant. Of course, it got us talking about them- even if it is in a negative light. It’s still publicity. By the way, if you haven’t heard of this Tempe, Arizona based bowl it’s because it had a different corporate name last year- the Insight Bowl.

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  1. Starving Fan says

    I agree with you about the BWW Bowl Game and yes they went over the top with their branding. What is ironic and even more stupid is that BWW did not back up their advertising with their product. You talk about missed opportunities. Why the heck didn’t they sell Buffalo Wild Wings at the Bowl game in whih they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor? Someone needs to fire their PR peson immediately as he/she left way too much money on the table. Shame shame shame. Offer your consumers what you are advertising and when they want it. LOL this still surprises me today.

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