Hey, a Top 10 Team is Playing in Chicago Tonight!


#9 West Virginia visits DePaul Tonight. Here’s what’s going down.

By Paul M. Banks

20-4 WVU 11 min to go in half.

I’m guessing you can figure out how this game will end up. And it’s started just how you might expect it. Especially without Mac Koshwal, the only guy on DePaul with “league” potential.

24-15 WVU 8 min left in half.

DePaul went on a little run there. Led by Will Walker, who is a scrappy young player with a lot of heart. Talent and size- maybe not. But heart and desire, sure. It’s a shame they didn’t get a bigger crowd here tonight, for such a marquee opponent. You’d think recently ending their in conference regular season losing streak would do garner more interest. But then again, having a 70 game losing streak (yes, I know it wasn’t quite that bad) will do that to you. Kill interest that is.  I have to give the DePaul marching band some credit, they played “Got to be Real” by Cheryl Lynn, the famous disco song.

But I take all that credit away when their opening introduction is to “I got a feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. That annoying, overplayed song is the BIGGEST CLICHE in all of sports for 2010 so far. EVERY sporting event feels it’s required by law to play that song during these past 3-4 months.

26-22 West Virginia 4 min left in half

BIG slam home by DePaul’s Eric Wallace, followed up by a nice drive by Walker and we actually have a ballgame here. Crowd is alive now. DeSean Butler (he’s league) has 12 points so far.

We have a new award for most irritating and low-brow student section of all time. The students are right on top of you here at press row, and the WVU bench is in between them and us. So all night there are comments about “Huggy Beer” and that was the only remotely clever thing they’ve said in heckling Bob Huggins. There’s been a million “Bobby’s drunk” and “Bobby you want a beer?” SCREAMED across the court. Ah yes, America’s finest youth, displaying the value of an expensive higher education.

These kids make J Wow and “The Situation” on Jersey Shore look like refined, esteemed, distinguished intellectuals!

37-28 Mountaineers. halftime

Gar Forman in the house! The Bulls GM is sitting right next to me actually. He was behind me in line for the pasta in the media room too. There’s actually people from 5 or 6 NBA teams here.

WOW! These fans are irritating. they are the most annoying kids I have heard in my life. And it’s probably not just because I’m attending this game with a sinus infection. Or just one of those annoying colds that takes a week or so to exit your system. Those seem to really be going around now. Something is. Almost everyone I’ve talked to lately seems to have a sore throat or cough. Yes, winter sucks indeed.

WVU 51-40 8 min to go

Mac Koshwal is black??!! He so belongs on the “Reggie Cleveland All-Star Team” right next to Bubba Chisholm and Billy Cole. I think I know a guy who could become this site’s DePaul/Big East writer. I need to tell him how much fun I had tonight. In order to turn his verbal commit into a letter of intent signature.

Devin Ebanks just rocked the house on a thunderous dunk, but they called a technical on him for hanging on the rim. That was the dagger. Not that this game was ever in doubt. but with a 59-42 lead and just over 5 minutes to go. You can warm up the bus! And put in the 2nd and 3rd teamers, this one’s over.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first DePaul live blog. And our expansion of our Big East coverage

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