Ways to Ensure You Keep a Level Head Gambling Online


I know that there are now a huge number of people who have chosen to move their one time land based casino gaming action online, and that is something that you may have recently made the decision to do. 

It is certainly the case that there are plenty of casino sites that you can sign up to and gamble at in a real money playing environment, and as long as you can keep a level head when gambling at such sites then you will reduce the risk of you getting too carried away and gambling more than you may have planned to do. 

There is of course always the chance that you could win when playing real money casino games online, but casinos sites are of course there to make the operators of those sites a profit and there is probably much more of a chance you would lose when gambling at such a site. 

Therefore, what you should always ensure you do when gambling at UK Gambling Commission licensed casino sites is to make use of the many responsible gambling tools that are available to you. 

One that I do always encourage everybody to make use of is the deposit limit option setting, as that way you can pre-plan the maximum amount of cash you wish to deposit into such a site, and once you reach that limit you will not be allowed to make any additional deposits, therefore negating the chance of you losing too much money and more than you have intended to do so. 

Self-Exclusion Always a Possibility  

Whilst many people do tend to look at gambling as a harmless pastime, for others is can be a destructive thing to do when they are unable to control their spending and have little self-control and many people do get into all manner of problems when they do play at online casino sites. 

You only have to look at just how many people make use of the services offered by organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous to realise just how easy it can be to get carried away when playing at casino sites and with that in mind if you are one such person who is suffering repeated problems gambling, you should look at ways to stop gambling. 

It is true to say though that some people shy away from making use of self-help groups and organisations that can help them give up gambling and will first look at some of the many other ways that they can give up gambling. 

One way that could be of interest to you is signing up to the GamStop scheme, that is a service that is now UK-wide meaning that every single gambling site operators that holds a gambling license that has been issued to them by the UK Gambling Commission have to signed up to that scheme. 

By signing up to it yourself you are then going to find each UK licensed casino and other gambling sites will block your accounts and not let you sign up to their sites in the future, as those sites have access to the GamStop self-exclusion register and block access to their sites to everyone whose names and details are listed upon it.  

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Problems with the GamStop Self-Exclusion Register  

You may have spotted the one obvious problem associated with adding your name onto the GamStop register, that of course being the simple fact that only casino sites and other gambling related sites are required to become part of that scheme. 

Therefore, there is nothing stopping you at all from signing up to and then betting simply at a casino site online that is not part of that scheme, for the operators of those sites will not know you are on GamStop and will therefore not block your from accessing their sites and gambling at them either. 

As to how you can remove any risk of you signing up to any betting sites not on GamStop, well there are two ways that you can set about doing that. One will be to compile a list of each of them then contact each betting site in turn and ask to be self-excluded from their sites. 

That, due to the sheer number of such sites is going to be something that will take you an extremely long time to achieve, so instead of doing that consider simply downloading a gambling site blocker onto your mobile devices and your laptops and computers. 

By doing so once that blocker is installed when you try and access any gambling sites using any browser on those devices your access to those sites will be instantly blocked, meaning you will have no option of being able to sign up and then gamble at those sites. 


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