US Sporting Leagues that Can be Big Betting Money Makers


Everyone likes to get a piece of the action – whether you are a casual bettor who likes to weigh in on the big sporting events, or whether you are a more serious bettor with a long term strategy, everyone is looking to make a good investment. With so many bets and so many sports to choose from, we take a look at the US sporting leagues that can be big betting money makers. 


When it comes to big American sporting leagues, they don’t come much bigger than the NFL. With the sport booming around the world, the excitement of the league is starting to capture the attention of fans across the globe. There is plenty to place your stake on in this league with regular games and in play action to delve into. Perhaps you just fancy a flutter on your team, or perhaps you invest your time in tracking players, results and form. Whatever your interest and level of involvement, the NFL is a place for betting, big or small. Of course, when it comes to sporting events, there is nothing in the US, or indeed the world, that matches the glitz and glamor of the Super Bowl. As family and friends gather for the event there is always a party atmosphere surrounding the game. A bettor’s paradise, there is plenty to bet on and plenty of incentives to take advantage of, especially when you have done your research by looking at the bookies reviews. 


The NBA has provided us all with plenty of moreish drama over the years, and as one of the four biggest sporting leagues in the US, it offers plenty of excitement and opportunities for betting involvement. There are plenty of options when it comes to betting, and watching the teams and players that you back is always great fun. The athleticism of the league makes it a joy to watch and the playoffs also offer extra drama and excitement for all. 

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Bets abound in the NHL, and there is always plenty to choose from when you are looking to get in on the action. If you can think of an occurrence, then it stands a chance that you can bet on it. From puck line betting to futures wagering, there is something for very every bettor and there are plenty of opportunities to win big. As one of the most popular and most watched leagues in the US, the NHL can offer bettors good money making opportunities and can also offer those who are new to betting a good entry point into the fun. The Stanley Cup adds extra excitement and even those who don’t bet on the regular season often find themselves getting in on the action during the qualifying and the final game. It is easy to get caught up in the fast paced action of the game and having a big money bet to watch can make it even more enjoyable. 


We couldn’t leave this list without mention of one of the greatest. With run line and total bets as well as moneyline bets, there is something for every bettor in the MLB. There are plenty of opportunities to win big whilst enjoying one of America’s oldest and most respected sporting leagues. 

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