Revisiting the Most Expensive Football Player Transfers of All-Time


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The sport consists of various clubs and players, many of which have transferred in and out of teams. These player transfers cost money, and some have cost hundreds of thousands up to millions. Below, you’ll find details of some of the most expensive football player transfers ever. 

The Most Expensive Football Player Transfers Of All Time 

One of the most expensive football player transfers was struck back in 2017 when Brazilian forward player Neymar da Silva Júnior, generally referred to as Neymar, was transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a whopping €222 million. Although this transfer took place back in 2017 and there have been more recent player transfers, Neymar’s transfer remains the most expensive of all time and still holds the world football transfer record, beating out Paul Pogba’s record of €180 when he transferred from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016.  

A year after Neymar’s transfer, Paris Saint-Germain struck another expensive player transfer, buying forward player Kylian Mbappé from Monaco for €180 million, making this the second most expensive football player transfer of all time. What’s more, Mbappé’s transfer broke a record for the most expensive teenage football player transfer.  

The subsequent most expensive football player transfers are all close in cost. Midfielder Philippe Coutinho was transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona in 2018 for €145 million, and this was followed by João Félix’s transfer from Benfica to Atlético Madrid for €126 million in 2019, Antoine Griezmann’s transfer from Atlético Madrid to Barcelona for €120 in 2019, and Jack Grealish’s transfer from Aston Villa to Manchester City for €117 in 2021.  

Why Do Football Clubs Spend So Much On Transfers? 

None of the other player transfers we’ve mentioned reaches a value as close to Neymar’s, but they all still cost a hefty chunk of money. Football clubs spend so much money on player transfers as they look to improve their teams and buy out popular and talented players. Many of these talented players have dedicated fans, which, in some cases, are happy to follow the talented player and help grow the club’s supporter base.  

Football clubs can afford to do this because the majority of them have sponsorships with various companies. Most football clubs have signed sponsorship agreements with financial services, travel companies, and the gambling industry, with casinos and their gambling sister sites. In addition to sponsorships, football clubs earn from merchandise, ticket sales, and broadcast rights too, all of which helps clubs pay these large fees and fund them. 

How Do Football Transfers Work? 

When football players join a football club, they do so under a contract for a fixed term. However, many players transfer to a new team before their current contract expires, which requires the new club to pay a transfer fee for the new player. The new player will then be required to sign a contract with their new club. 

There have been dozens of player transfers, but football players can only transfer during select periods. For example, FIFA holds two transfer periods each year, but this will vary between the football associations. When players are transferred, the moves tend to make headlines in news, so you’ll always be in the know. 

Will There Be More Expensive Football Player Transfers In The Future? 

We believe so. Football clubs are always looking to expand their team and players are always looking to grow their skills. We believe that in the next few years, another football player will overtake Neymar’s current world record with a jaw-dropping new transfer fee. Until then, Neymar’s still in the lead as the most expensive football transfer. 

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