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When placing a bet the bettor might always try it to keep it simple and straightforward enough to assure that the bet can be won easily. But you can not always win. There is no guarantee that the tips provided from a video, a website or an actual bettor will bring you success or profit. The football predictions tips provided and any sports in general are someone’s opinion and the bettor is always encouraged to form his own opinion regarding the outcome of a sporting event.

One of the best websites for football predictions is This is a website that uses an artificial intelligence bot in order to make the most accurate football predictions. This is a way to create and maintain a sure prediction site. When choosing either to bet on one team’s or another team’s win or maybe bet on the tie always check the win probability to be at a threshold of at least 60% win prediction or higher in order to minimize the risk.

From a total of 15 matches during the last week the bot managed to predict a total of 12 out of 15 matches for a single bet and for double bets the correct prediction was for 14 out of 15 matches. The question that needs to be asked is why it was not a 100% correct prediction. So let’s take as an example the match between Celtic and Hibernian.

The bot predicted that Celtic should win the game, but the game ended in a tie. When looking at the stats we can see that Celtic had 20 shots made while Hibernian only had 3 shots. So the prediction made was not bad it was just not meant to be for them to score another goal. So there are some unexpected outcomes regarding the football predictions made, but the majority of them are all correct.

Another website used by gambling fans is Once you get on the site be sure the translate it into your desired language as it comes by default in French. Here you’ll find the predictions for the next up-coming matches as well as a description of the match to be played and some key points of the prognosis. Another prediction website is Here you can check the results from the previous days and see how accurate everything was.

You can also display the predictions for today their main focus being football predictions, but you can check the predictions made for other spots as well. If you want to see more matches, it will ask you to subscribe with the bonus of a free first month. Another website is Here you can get the free and premium predictions. So these are a couple of websites that hopefully will help you get on right track of winning.

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