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Sunday, I woke up and didn’t know what to do during the day. “ting ting”, I got an SMS from my friend, “Do you want to play BRIDGE at Casino FB88 this afternoon?”. Receiving an invitation to play cards is happy, it could not be denied. But wait, I wondered what BRIDGE was and I had to do some research on it before I texted him back. And here in this article I would share you details information about BRIDGE. 

What is Bridge? Bridge is a logical card game originating in England from the XVIII century, very popular in the world, especially in Europe. This game is organized the world championship every year. Playing bridges is relatively difficult. If you want to play well, in addition to innate intelligence also have to practice hard. 

Currently the World Bridge Federation (WBF English abbreviation, founded in 1958) is the highest leader organization of Bridge at world class. 

The bridge table requires 4 players, divided into two teams. Two people on the same side called partners, the other party called opponents. And use a deck of 52 cards to play. In 52 cards there are 4 different suits, ranked in order from high to low and use it to bid when playing: heart, diamond, club, and spade. 

Want to win, the two partners must be well-matched, familiar with each other’s fighting and very understand each other. So if you want to understand each other, you must play together as many times as you can. 

Knowing what the Bridge is all about is not enough, you still need to know the rules and how to play Bridge to master and win easily. In the specified way to play the Bridge. The game starts by dealing cards. 

Before the game, players will participate in a pairing, identifying a seat and dealer in the first game. The person who draws the highest card will be given a seat, the person who draws the second highest card will face to the first person. As such, these two will become each other’s teammates, playing until the end of the match. 

The opponents in this way of playing the Bridge are denoted with the letters N (North), E (East), S (South), W (West), symbolizing the direction from the first dealer. Opponents N and S will form a match against the pair playing E-W. Divide the first card to the person from the left (clockwise), each by each. Each player receives 13 cards. After finishing the dealing, each person must count his or her number before looking at the cards. Each game is conducted in 2 stages: auction and play. 

All activities of playing Bridge will be clockwise, operating from left to right. Bonus: In addition to the round point mentioned above, the completed contract also gets a lot more points than the round score. Bonus points are determined according to the form of playing cards. In general, there are two different forms as follows. In addition to the bonus in the form of play, there are also bonus points for very high contracts, called slam contracts including small slam and grand slam. 

More tips to play: As mentioned above, BRIDGE is a very difficult game, with strategies, tactics, defenses, attacks, and even understand the psychology of the opponent. The goal of the game now is to win the cards. Each player plays 1 card and the highest card wins that round. The last match of the game will determine which pair wins how many rounds. The result of each game will be recorded in a clear record for pairs of players. If the two sides agree to record the results. If not agreed to review the entire game, if necessary call the referee. The appropriate age to start playing Bridge is from 12. 

So now you have already known what Bridge is and know how to play Bridge, right? Hopefully our bridge playing guidelines will be useful for your games! I do also have enough information to play with my friend this afternoon. Challenge accepted! 


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