How to Combine Sports and Vaping



By Jason Verduzco

Vaping has taken the world by storm. Most people are switching to vaping from using conventional cigarettes. Well, it is true that vaping is more advantageous than smoking. There are numerous benefits that are associated with Vaping. The question here is, does vaping affect an athlete in any way? Still, there are people who feel that smoking and vaping is the same. The only difference is the method of taking it into your body.

The Benefits of Vaping

Clean and Safe- Vaporizer turns herb leaves into vapor that is now inhaled. This makes it cleaner and safer. It can be used in the place of cigarettes. This helps improve the overall health of the user. There are minimal respiratory problems reported from vaping. According to studies, people who switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping have seen significant reduction of symptoms such as; excruciating cough; feeling of pressure in the lungs during exercise, dyspnea, bad breath, and excessive sputum.

Studies have shown that Vaping can help you increase your sporting endurance. When you are vaping, you will stop smoking. This helps you stay healthy and it boosts your energy. Unlike cigarettes, vape tools enable you to control the amount of nicotine you take in.

According to research, vaping can help you improve your cardio performance. A person vaping has been shown to run longer. It helps the athlete lift heavier weights. However, do not vape and immediately go exercising. This will cause you to run out of air and affect your exercise.

How to Vape When Sporting

1. Minimize your intake of Nicotine. If you are actively involved in sporting activities, then you should reduce your intake of nicotine. You can use vaporizers that have the liquid marked from 1 to 3. This way you can reduce the intake of the excessive nicotine that may affect the body. If you are taking excess nicotine, it may slow you down, thus affecting your sorting activities negatively.

2. Drink enough water. If you are involved in sports and you also vape, ensure that you drink a lot of clean water. This because the high concentration of glycerin in the vaping liquid will cause your body to dehydrate. You can keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis. This will keep you active and healthy to do sports.

3. Avoid Vaping just before or after sports. People who are active in sports will completely refuse to vape on day they intend to do sporting. It is advised that you should avoid vaping 2-3 hours before and after going to the gym or any other sports. Vaping and sporting immediately shorten your breath thus affecting your performance.

4. If you want to withdraw from taking nicotine, do not do it immediately. Do it gradually. Immediate withdrawal can cause weight gain. Gaining weight may affect your sporting activities negatively. 

5. Another effective way of vaping and sporting is nicotine free juices. Nicotine causes veins to constrict making your pulse to speed up. If you want to vape immediately before starting sporting activities choose a good vape without nicotine. You can check out for the nicotine free liquids.

Vaping is much better than the unhealthy activity of smoking. It does not have any adverse effects for the sportsmen. However, you must do it like stipulated above. Only then will you reap the full benefits of vaping and effectively doing your sports.

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