Fight To Fame – Defining The New-Age Super Combo Of Sports And Entertainment 


Fight to Fame is a Blockchain-based organization that is based on a futuristic model that combines Blockchain, Movies, and Sports. This reality TV show offers a global platform to the fighters to get exposure to international audiences. The pattern of the show is very entertaining and it is all set to influence the global trends of the industry. From pro bodybuilders to professional sportspersons, everyone can take part in this combat fighting game.   

It is indeed interesting to learn more about Fight to Fame and how they aim to transform the lives of aspiring combat fighters by offering them a platform that can take them straight to the Hollywood film sets! 

Action meets Reality TV show 

The Fight to Fame platform follows a BMS model and thus it works towards creating entertainment that is larger than life. The makers of the show are planning to launch this event as a global show soon with 13 episodes shot at different parts of the world. 

Fight to Fame is indeed a lifetime chance for any fighter as winning this reality show will not only give them recognition but also will make them a Hollywood star. The winners of this show will be able to work with top Hollywood productions, in some of the biggest action films. Thus, the event is capable of making anyone a global action star in the entertainment industry. 

What are the features of the event? 

Some of the most interesting features of this global reality TV show are – 

  • Anyone stands a chance to participate in this show. Potential candidates can directly login to the official website of the show and register at absolutely free of cost. After they meet all the criteria to enter the competition, they will be called to participate in the same. 
  • This is indeed a first of its kind reality TV show. This is also the first initiative to incorporate Blockchain technology in a TV reality show. The makers of this show will aim at raising the standard of future Hollywood action films and change how people relate different elements of entertainment.  
  • The contestants will also receive some expert training during the whole process. From stage punching, to stunt work, acting, and fitness, the participants will learn to do it all. The contestants will also be given media training. 

Global Expansion of the show 

Talking about the recent times, the casting of this show has robust plans to use Blockchain for managing contracts and compensation of the participants. This will give a chance to the audience to vote for their favorites directly and in turn, they will get more engaged with the show. The engagement of the show will also increase by the engagement of the brands. 

The best part about this platform is that it will bring together a global audience from almost 200 countries. It gives a stage to even amateur athletes to complete their Hollywood dreams. The participants will have to compete in different tournaments and win them to finally achieve the Fight to Fame title. 


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