Legal Tips to know if You Are Street Racing


Street racing is one way of getting yourself into trouble very quickly. Not only is illegal street racing, well, “illegal”, but it is also quite dangerous, especially if you are not careful. No matter how many Fast and Furious movies you’ve seen or how many Need for Speed games you’ve finished, street racing should not be encouraged. But if you still want to race on public roads, there are a few things you should know about. Let’s face it, we’ve all had the idea of street racing at least once in our lives. Understandably so, who wouldn’t want to smoke a supercar in their BMW M5?

Before you do, here are a few tips that you must keep in mind and always remember before you challenge your friends for a fun night out on the streets. Remember, street racing is not only illegal but it is also dangerous and can have deadly consequences when it goes out of hand. If you really want to race, go to a track and let your engine loose. But if you still want to have a little fun at a stoplight, then you must know these unwritten rules to avoid getting into a truckload of trouble.

Don’t cause an accident

The first rule of street racing is to avoid causing an accident. We know, accidents happen ‘accidentally’, but if you are racing illegally, you are way more likely to cause an accident. Whatever you do, do not put other drivers and pedestrians in danger. Street racing has taken the lives of at least 179 people since the 2000s in LA alone. And in most of those cases, it wasn’t the driver who died. It is easy to get lost in the adrenaline rush and ignore traffic rules, and inevitably, harm someone or yourself. Trust us, it won’t be pretty. So, whatever you do, always remember that it’s better to lose a race than to lose a life.

Try picking a location closer to the line of jurisdiction between two police forces

Well, this might sound like a piece of overwhelmingly shady advice, but it is actually helpful. Racing closer to the line of jurisdiction between two police forces means that the police force of one area cannot chase you and enter the jurisdiction of other areas without informing them first. You have a few golden seconds to put the pedal to the metal and be gone with the wind. Sounds like a really shady idea, doesn’t it? But at least, it will help you lose the cops if they find out what you are up to. This definitely reminds us of Need for Speed.

Choose your tires wisely

The type of tires you are sporting can also influence the type of opponent you will be going up against. If you know anything about cars then you must know that more powerful cars come with bigger wheels and bigger tires. If you are entering an organized street race, then you are usually paired up with a similar car with similar tires. The tire setup determines the type of grip you will have on the road. If your tires are bigger, you will have better grip and hence, you go against a car with a similar tire setup. The same goes for cars with smaller tires as they do not offer the same amount of grip.

Always be truthful and faithful about your ride

You love your car. So much so that you want to race with it, although illegally. However, we also understand that you might not have the fastest car in the world. You also might not have the most heavily modded car in the world. In such cases, it is easy to get a little carried away and lie about your car and its specifications. Good idea to brag while lying? Definitely not. While you may enter a race lying about your car and getting a few cheers; when people ultimately find out about it, you will definitely be discarded. Not only will you be disqualified, but your image will also be tarnished and most importantly, you will also lose the race against a better car because you lied about the power your car makes.

Try to race in the early hours of the morning

Doing something illegal is best if no one catches you and no one gets hurt because of it. If you really want to street race, organize it in the early hours of the morning, especially before sunrise. Night racing is not only fun, but it is also a lot safer. During those hours, it is highly unlikely that the streets would be crowded. So, your chance of hurting someone accidentally is drastically reduced.

Try to race in remote areas where the population is low

Even if you are racing in the early hours of the morning, it is best to always race in remote locations or areas where the population is low. Maybe somewhere in the suburbs. Illegal street racing organizations usually set up races where the population is low, so your chances of running into pedestrians or trouble are also low.


Have an escape plan ready

Once again, this sounds like very shady advice, but if you are hellbound on street racing, you must have an escape plan ready. Before you race, you must already bear in mind that there’s a possibility that you will be chased by the police. If the cops chase you while you race, it turns into a race with the cops. If you are aware of your surroundings and know every nook and cranny of the area, you should be able to find an escape route before the cops can arrest you. So, always be ready with an escape plan.

Remember, whatever we just said was not to encourage street racing by any means. We do not condone illegal racing. However, these were just a few rules and advice to help you avoid doing something that you’ll regret later. If you get caught, you could be charged with a heavy fine, or you could be jailed too. So, keep these rules in mind if you really, really want to engage in street racing.

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