Cris Carter’s Calvin Johnson hyperbole actually reasonable


calvin johnson

ESPN “analyst” Cris Carter is known for his ridiculous hyperbole. However, his comments on Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson this morning actually were rather prescient. He pretty much predicted the huge breakout game to be had this afternoon. Calvin Johnson, or Megatron as the kids call him is great at football. But when you read Carter’s comments on Megatron you may ask yourself.

When did Cris Carter officially leave Bristol to become Calvin Johnson ‘s agent/promoter?


Carter: “Calvin Johnson – we have never seen anyone in the history of the NFL with the size and speed and what he does. Now Dez (Bryant) gets a lot of the coverages like Calvin, but he can’t stretch the field like Calvin. Calvin also plays in the slot. Right now, it’s not even close. Alright. Everyone else is fighting for second, third and fourth. But the best receiver in the National Football League is Calvin Johnson.”

Megatron, and thank God SOMEONE still has a nickname in this day and age, instead of this abbreviation crap, collected an insane 14 receptions for 329 receiving yards in the Lions’ 31-30 win over Dallas.

Calvin Johnson ’s 329 yards are second to only the Los Angeles Rams’ Flipper Anderson. Anderson collected an incredible 336 yards on Nov. 26, 1989 against New Orleans.

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