New York Jets vs. San Diego Chargers: Brutally Honest Game Preview


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Man do I hate the New York Jets. I truly hate them so much that in past articles I’ve said the Jets are more evil than Al Qaeda. And this was before they shocked my beloved New England Patriots in the most kick-to-the-groiniest AFC Divisional playoff game in NFL history. I still have visions of that asinine drive-to-nowhere that consumed about 10 minutes in the late third quarter as the Pats were down two scores.

Brady, Belichick WTF on that one?

But as much as I hate the Jets, they are good for business. They make headlines, (Rex Ryan foot fetish, Jenn Sterger receiving dong pics, Ines Sainz sexual harassment, Braylon Edwards DUI, Bart Scott shooting his mouth off, Ryan constantly shooting his mouth off) and in 2010 they turned into the NFL’s version of an out of control frat house.

Or the NFL’s answer to Jersey Shore (Sanchez is the situation, Ryan is J Woww, see the whole analogy here). But I need the Jets and Ryan for good copy, and the beat goes on this fall.

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San Diego Chargers Synopsis:

As you no doubt have heard, Rex Ryan told reporters in San Diego he would have Led the Chargers to multiple Super Bowl wins had he gotten the head coaching job there in 2007.

“Well, I think I would have had a couple rings,” Ryan said this week. “I’m telling you, those teams were loaded.” It came across as ripping Chargers Coach Norv Turner.

Perhaps realizing that he needed to hedge, Ryan then praised the Chargers coach. Ryan also phoned him telling him that he did not mean to insult him.

“It really was between he and I. I think we’ve had enough coaching drama in the league the last few days and we don’t need anymore,” Turner said of the phone call and then the JimHarbaugh-Jim Schwartz postgame tiff after the 49ers beat the Lions on Sunday.

Then Turner returned fire.

“I hadn’t seen his quote and I was a little bit surprised by the call. And then after I saw the quote, I didn’t have a chance to ask him this, but I was wondering if he had those rings with the ones he’s guaranteed the last couple of years.”

This is sure to be the lead storyline during the CBS broadcast Sunday. That and this being the LaDainian Tomslinson (who has just 29 carries for 97 yards, and a meager 3.3 average in 2011) bowl.

The Chargers haven’t won five of their first six since 2002, when they started 6-1. They finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs. Their wins look less impressive when you realize the four teams they beat have a  combined 4-17 record.

QB Phillip Rivers’ seven interceptions are tied for second-most in the AFC.


Rex Ryan is basically the Ozzie Guillen of the NFL now. When he says something wild, it’s no longer big news. The media covers it, but c’mon at this point it’s just expected. It’s all bluster and bloviating from a bloated man in a black sweater vest which shows us that black isn’t always slimming.

But when is it enough? How much are we going to hear about how physical his teams are with their ground-and-pound game, even though the rushing attack sucks? As does the offense itself. I’ve never been sold on Mark Sanchez as a NFL QB EVER! And this year is doing nothing to change that.

Sanchez’s 82.3 passer rating is 20th in the league, and the San Diego defense ranks second in the league versus the pass.

The Jets are worst in the NFL with 35% of their drives ending in three-and-outs.

New York avoided a fourth straight loss by beating down a hapless Miami Dolphins team Monday night. The Jets have been good at home though, winning their last three in the Meadowlands and three of their final four there in 2010. They currently sit in third place in the East behind New England (5-1) and Buffalo (4-2).

Prediction to be taken with an entire truckload of salt, not a grain of salt: SD 28, NYJ 17 (2010-11 prediction record 30-14)

The Jets seem to win these games (when they’re a home underdog, as they beat New England twice in that role over 2009-10, the only times they weren’t favored at home) But it’s hard to pick them here as I think Rivers will look less awful now that he’s getting tight end Antonio Gates back.

Plaxico Burress has only 14 receptions. It doesn’t look like he and Sanchez are even playing for the same team sometimes. Burress has done anything but live up to the hype. Will Sanchez have yet another sub 200 yards passing game? With LT starting in place of Shonn Greene will that be the spark.

Uhm, no and no.

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