New York Jets release Tim Tebow: ESPN coverage will torture us all


ESPN’s home team, the New York Jets, has released ESPN’s all-time favorite player Tim Tebow.

I haven’t turned on the boys (and girls) in Bristol, and quite frankly I’m afraid to. I won’t dare flip on the World Wide Leader right now because they will undoubtedly treat this story as if it were bigger than all four U.S. Presidential assassinations (JFK, Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield) combined.

The New York Jets parting ways with Tim Tebow? That’s gotta be priority number one for the WWL.  I’m sure Darren Rovell has already sent out a dozen tweets about what brand of shoes Tim Tebow wears.

This will no doubt interrupt the network’s WALL TO WALL Miami Heat coverage.

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Jets QB Tim Tebow booed at Yankees game



New York is a tough crowd, Tim Tebow is learning. I guess Mark Sanchez has more support than we all thought.

The new backup quarterback for the New York Jets was loudly booed at Yankee Stadium Sunday night when he was shown on the jumbotron- despite the fact that he was sporting a New York Yankees cap.

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New York Jets vs. San Diego Chargers: Brutally Honest Game Preview

michelle ryan rex ryan

Man do I hate the New York Jets. I truly hate them so much that in past articles I’ve said the Jets are more evil than Al Qaeda. And this was before they shocked my beloved New England Patriots in the most kick-to-the-groiniest AFC Divisional playoff game in NFL history. I still have visions of that asinine drive-to-nowhere that consumed about 10 minutes in the late third quarter as the Pats were down two scores.

Brady, Belichick WTF on that one?

But as much as I hate the Jets, they are good for business. They make headlines, (Rex Ryan foot fetish, Jenn Sterger receiving dong pics, Ines Sainz sexual harassment, Braylon Edwards DUI, Bart Scott shooting his mouth off, Ryan constantly shooting his mouth off) and in 2010 they turned into the NFL’s version of an out of control frat house.

Or the NFL’s answer to Jersey Shore (Sanchez is the situation, Ryan is J Woww, see the whole analogy here). But I need the Jets and Ryan for good copy, and the beat goes on this fall.

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Randy Moss Headed to New York Jets?


As the lockout drags on, inactivity seems to instill a weird effect on players and clubs alike. Something that starts out as a rumor on some forum somewhere may quickly turn into fact, and something that’s pretty much taken for granted can fall apart and be shoved away into the unsubstantiated rumor bin within the span of a few days.

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Glaring Examples of Belichick Being Horribly Out-coached Sunday


The New York Jets probably have better talent than the New England Patriots, but during the NFL regular season it certainly didn’t seem that way. The Jets upset the Pats Sunday because they out-coached Bill Belichick and his staff. Period. As much of a genius as I usually regard the hooide to be; he looked like kind of a moron Sunday night.

By Paul M. Banks

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Jets LB Bart Scott Needs to Switch to Decaf or Something (Video)


Yes, you and your New York Jets teammates just upset a highly favored New England Patriots team. And that is quite impressive for an out of control frat house. Your team of classless, shameless self-aggrandizing troglodytes is moving on. But seriously chill out!

I don’t know if this roid rage or whatever the hell is it is, but please tone it down a notch Bart Scott. You still haven’t won anything yet. And as Atlanta learned the very night before, being a one seed means a helluva lot less than it used to in today’s NFL. You already beat the Patriots this year.

And this has been a season in which nothing is predictable and makes any sense. So maybe a unit of absurd, arrogant jackasses, led by the biggest arrogant jackass of all should win?

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