Tom Brady hand issue: Belichick outdoes himself on injury obfuscation


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How did we not hear a word about the hand of Tom Brady this week? You saw how disgusting and swollen it was. You saw how much it affected him, and the New England Patriots passing game. Yet there was not even a whisper, all week, about the injured hand of Tom Brady. We didn’t even hear about a Tom Brady “upper body injury.”

We know Bill Belichick is the absolute master when it comes to lying about injuries. Belichick takes the art of being a complete dick to reporters about injury information to the highest level. He really outdid himself on this one. If Bill Belichick were a mommy-blogger, then the Tom Brady swollen hand would be his most shared post on his Facebook Fan Page.

Referring to his level of success there obviously; not in regards to the level of public knowledge.

Former Patriots teammate Rodney Harrison on Tom Brady:


“I can’t remember him looking this bad. He talked about feeling good physically, but he can’t feel good about this offense. He has been under constant pressure and duress, and just does not look comfortable in there.”

According to Mike Florio: “Officially, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not have a hand injury. Unofficially, his hand was noticeably swollen during Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins. Afterward, he said he’s fine. He will play next weekend.”

What’s even more interesting is thinking about how ugly his hand must have looked before it was doctored up. You know good the trainers and medical staff are at this level. They are highly paid to fix things up quickly, so imagine how unsightly and unpleasant the hand of Tom Brady must have been before the game.


The Patriots got it done with the running game today and that’s how it’s going to be until Brady’s hand heals. Last year, the Pats really developed a running game, and a more balanced offense. You think of New England, you think of the passing game. Given how garbage Brady’s receivers are this year, that’s not the case. They’ll have to win the AFC East via defense and the ground attack in 2013. At least for now.

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